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Kale Café + Restaurant May Sound Healthy but It Isn’t Necessarily—as Demonstrated by This Scotch Egg Rice Bowl

January 30, 2019

Noelle Magcale did not imagine that she was ever going to open up her own restaurant. But everything that she had done before opening up Kale (pronounced like the vegetable, and referencing an inside joke with their family about their last name) paved the way to this. Her first foray into the restaurant world was as an intern under Chef Jordy Navarra in Black Sheep. She then went on to work for 12/10, then started her own business selling aprons to kitchens, and finally worked front-of-house in Toyo Eatery with Chef Navarra once again. With such varied experience under her belt, Magcale was encouraged by her family to start her own independent venture.

Kale’s menu is patterned after Asian flavors to offer something familiar to the neighborhood, while still being playful and out of the box. They wouldn’t use the word elevated, says Magcale, as the dishes are comforting and accessible. One such dish that stands out to us is the Scotch Egg, served on a bed of rice to become a whole meal instead of just a starter. The scotch egg is heavy enough to serve as sufficient ulam, and is picked up with the freshness of cilantro, and a traditional Pinoy ensalada. Topped off with some chicken skin, crispy onions, adobo reduction, and dashi, the scotch egg (which is really their interpretation of kwek-kwek, they explain) makes for a dish that can carry you through the day.


A neighborhood café and restaurant in Fairview.

ADDRESS: Unit 2-1, 2/F 527 Melting Pot Building, Ciudad Verde Executive Village, Omega Avenue, Brgy. Greater Fairview, Quezon City
VISIT: 9AM–10PM daily
CONTACT: (0916) 693-2849 /
SPEND: PHP99–295
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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