JustFruit’s Freeze-dried Treats Offer Real Fruit In Sweet, Crunchy Chip-like Form

April 25, 2018

Few things compare to the vibrant profile of fruit from the tropics: lush bananas, tangy mangoes, and zesty pineapples, just to name a few. Now imagine their distinctive flavors in a dryer, crisper form that makes for a gratifying crunch, that’s about as sweet as candy, and that’s made with real fruit and nothing else. That’s what you’ll find from JustFruit’s offerings—fruit, sourced directly from farmers in Cavite, Laguna, and Davao, and given the freeze-dried treatment, resulting in a completely different fruit-munching experience.

Three of the country’s tastiest crops make it to the JustFruit line: creamy bananas, tangy mangoes, and zesty pineapples, sourced directly from local farmers in Cavite, Laguna, and Davao.

Freeze-drying—a process of dehydration that entails freezing and sublimation—has been has been in other countries (e.g. in the West and among our Southeast Asian neighbors); and with a ton of fruit varieties available in the Philippines, it was only about time it be employed on our own. Nothing is added—hence their moniker—resulting in only the purest essence of their respective fruit in every piece. And with the natural water content (which houses the microorganisms that make fresh fruits rot) out, freeze-dried fruits can keep for much longer than their fresh counterparts; you can keep them sans refrigeration and take them with you wherever you go.

The freeze-drying process also works great to preserve the nutrients of the fresh stuff—way better than conventional drying.

Stock up for personal snacking purposes, or for cooking or baking with. (Or, y’know, to make sure you’re ready in time for the apocalypse.)

Crisper than regular dried fruit, these freeze-dried treats make for a satisfying experience comparable to snacking on chips (sans the greasy feel). You can also use them as an ingredient: add a few pieces to your cereal mix for a welcome burst of sweetness, mix them into your salad for a crunch, or drop them into water to infuse it with flavor. Love baking? Consider this the gateway to making your fruity confection ideas come to life by grinding them up and incorporate into baked goods, frostings, and the like.

Freeze-dried fruit’s dryness especially works to its advantage in baking. With the water content removed, it doesn’t interfere as much with the finicky formulas of, say, a cake batter, allowing you to incorporate a vibrant dose of authentic-tasting fruitiness that bottled extracts just can’t compare with.

Though established just last year, JustFruit looks forward to making more products with other local fruits (“these three fruits are just the start!,” shares marketing specialist Brendle Gayamo). Better yet, JustFruit’s well helping the Philippines from the inside out. “Our goal is to make these 100 % local, nutritious snacks easily accessible across the country and hopefully bring the incredible flavors of Philippine fruits to other parts of the world.”

JustFruit, Inc.

Purveyors of freeze-dried Philippine fruits, sourced directly from farmers.

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