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Juana’s Introduces Manileños to the Budbod of Rizal (Hint: it’s not Suman)

July 27, 2018

It’s strange that budbod isn’t more popular in Manila. Hailing from Rizal, budbod (not to be confused with the kakanin of the same name) refers to a dish of fried or seasoned rice sprinkled (binudburan) with toppings that include meat, veggies, and more. Though essentially a rice bowl at its core, the simple but satisfying combination satisfies the stomachs of hungry locals fast, and often for cheap, which makes it easy for Filipinos to love. And though still relatively unheard of outside its place of origin, budbod can be had at Juana’s Budbod and Coffee, a stall that offers a taste of Rizal at the heart of Manila.

Clockwise from top-left: adobo flakes, longganisa, liempo, and our top pick, the savory-sweet tapa. With rice, scrambled eggs, and tomatoes, budbod is a complete meal in itself.

Located near the city’s so-called “U-Belt”, Juana’s Budbod and Coffee caters to students with their budget-friendly budbod. All plates follow the budbod format: a mound of soy sauce-tinged rice at the base, topped with scrambled eggs, chopped tomatoes, spring onions, and your choice among their home-cooked viands—take your pick from tapa, liempo, adobo flakes, longganisa, shawarma, and more, all chopped up so that all you have to do is dig in. A complete meal in itself, basic plates go for just PHP79-93 with free iced tea; those looking to fill up can upgrade to their Combusog meals (PHP99-133), which includes extra sides and a banana. And to cap off your meal (or wake yourself up from the post-lamon lethargy), go for one of their cafe-style drinks, which include coffee, iced chocolate, and fruit shakes.

Juana’s Budbod and Coffee

A stall that highlights the Rizal specialty, budbod.

Visit: First Corner Concepcion Aguila Street, San Miguel, Manila
Spend: PHP 100-150
Contact: 0939-855-8917
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