Juan Eats & Drinks Makes Vigan Longganisa That You Can Eat Straight out of the Jar

August 17, 2019

One day, one of Dexter and Jaq Dela Cruz’s friends brought back what he claimed to be “the best Vigan longganisa.” Dexter tried to make his own version of the dish; and it turned to be close to what his friend brought. It was originally developed to be part of the restaurant the couple hoped to open with some co-workers. But when that fell through, they went ahead and improved the recipe and made it the pioneer product for their business, which they later named Juan Eats & Drinks.

This time, it [would be bottled] and ready-to-eat.  We did so many trial batches and had our friends taste every single [one] we made.  We played around with each ingredient until we came up with the proper ratio that gives the best taste.

Normally, Vigan longganisa—most sausages, for that matter—are encased and would have to be cooked before serving. However, Juan Eats offers a more convenient way of enjoying the dish, “as easy as opening a bottle.” Although, you may want to stick it in a microwave before eating it if you’re taking it out from the fridge. The taste is uncompromised, so you still get all the garlicky-ness, tang, and heat you’d expect. Pair it with some rice and egg in the morning; or if you’re just looking for a quick snack, we suggest topping it on some bread or crackers. (Or better yet, make this pull-apart pandesal.)

Juan Eats & Drinks also has a lineup of honey products: Pure Honey, Truffle Honey, and Spiced Honey. It started as a giveaway for Dexter and Jaq’s daughter’s baptism reception. They received great feedback, so they decided to sell it, as well. Make sure to get a few mixes into the latter variants before spooning it out. This helps get you the right balance of flavors.

Juan Eats & Drinks

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