Have You Tried Jollibee’s New Glazed Chickenjoy Yet?

January 25, 2020

Who doesn’t love Jollibee? For Filipinos everywhere, Jollibee is nostalgic and comforting, a reminder of birthday parties when you were a kid, or office lunch breaks when you were all grown up. We’ve all got soft spots for at least one of their items, whether or not it’s the Chickenjoy you love, the Pinoy-ness of Jollibee Spaghetti, or the mushroom gravy of their Burger Steak. Even though Jollibee is a Filipino staple, they often switch up their menu by introducing new items that are often so good they end up permanently on their menu. We even waxed lyrical about the ingenuity of their Pancake Sandwich, and the craziness of their Ultimate Burger Steak.


Now, they’ve got a new product on their market, which is bound to appease all the food trend-loving eaters out there. Korean and glazed chicken seems to be all the rage now, with sweet sauces dressing crispy wings. Jollibee introduces their latest food experiment, glazed Chickenjoy, which has the potential to be one of their new classic items. Chickenjoy is now generously drenched with a sweet brown sauce, that is the perfect mix between Pinoy barbecue and Korean glaze.

What’s great about it is that the original Chickenjoy taste remains, with no changes to its salty and earth-shatteringly crunchy skin, and juicy meat. Available in both 6 pc (for PHP 378) and 8 pc (for PHP 499) buckets, you’re tempted not to share it with anyone else, but if you must, it’s great to invite friends and family over for a lip-smacking feast. It definitely needs more rice because of the sweet sauce, but if you’re indulging in something this good, who cares about the extra guilt? I certainly don’t.

Have you tried the new Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy yet? What did you think about it? Tell us with a comment below!

Pamela Cortez Pamela Cortez

Pamela Cortez writes about food full-time, and has honed her craft while writing for publications such as Rogue, Town and Country, and The Philippine Star. She once rode on a mule for a mile just to eat mint tea and lamb in Morocco, and has eaten a block of Quickmelt in one sitting. Her attempt at food photography can be viewed online @meyarrr.

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7 responses to “Have You Tried Jollibee’s New Glazed Chickenjoy Yet?”

  1. Dylan Dylanco says:

    We tried it last Saturday. It was ok. Was hoping for a bit of spice but it was just sweet. They didn’t scrimp on the glaze though, which made for good dipping sauce for their fries.

  2. Adrian De Leon says:

    Tried it, didn’t like it. I thought the sweetness of the sauce was too much, and it clashed with the Chickenjoy’s natural chicharon-like saltiness. I’d take KFC’s Gangnam Chicken over it anyday.

  3. #wer'sd'joyinglazedchknjoy says:

    I did not like it as much as its original state as the sauce is too runny for my liking…

  4. Anna says:

    It was too sweet for me, even for someone who has a sweet tooth. Definitely needs some kick to it.

  5. Ice says:

    Greenwich glazed chicken was much better! Tsk too bad they phased it out!

  6. mimi says:

    Too sweet, and why it looks so diffrent on tv and print ads, WHY?????? I Was dissapointed when i had my mealreal

  7. Michael says:

    KFC Gangnam Chicken FOREVER! What a lame rip-off. Stop copying KFC. It’s working against you, Jollibee.

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