January Food News: Japan’s Kitkat Sushi to Cebu’s Favorite Lechon Opening in Makati

February 1, 2017

Ah, a new month. The time when we pinch ourselves in disbelief, not believing that a twelfth of the year has passed us by, or that we have gone this deep into 2017 without the universe imploding. To say that the past month has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions is a gross understatement. While polarizing headlines have taken the public’s interest, the food industry has been abuzz with the latest news.

Kit Kat has just released a new limited edition “sushi” line in Japan

Exotic Kitkat flavors call Japan home and now the brand adds to their unique flavors. Inspired by sushi, the new Kitkat line mimics traditional sushi. A base of white chocolate rice crispies or mascarpone cheese stand as the rice, while brightly hued Kitkat bars top each mound. Flavors include raspberry, Hokkaido melon, and pumpkin pudding. Unfortunately, you can only get these treats at their Ginza store from February 2–4.

Zubuchon, Cebu’s eponymous lechon house finally comes to Manila

Though the news has been going around Manila for a while, Zubuchon finally confirms that they are opening their doors at Yakal corner Talisay St., San Antonio, Makati. As for now, the opening date hasn’t been announced yet except for saying that they will soon start serving their crave-worthy lechon in Makati.

Manila’s maverick Bruce Ricketts comes full circle, returns to his roots in BF Homes for La Chinesca. 

Bruce Ricketts hard at work at La Chinesca (Image by Sasha Lim Uy for Esquire Magazine)

From his success with Ooma and Mecha Uma, Ricketts turns to Mexican cuisine and opens a 19-seater joint in Aguirre St, BF Homes serving tacos with Asian flair. Reportedly serving up some of Manila’s best tacos, we’re excited to make the pilgrimage to Sucat for a taste of these.

EFSA claims that Nutella is cancerous

In a perfect world, you can gorge on whatever you want with no consequences, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The World Health Organization lists palm oil as a carcinogen. Following the crackdown on palm oil, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reports Nutella as carcinogenic due to using the oil. Ferrero claps back and fights against the report arguing that any other alternative will yield a substandard product. But we’d like to consider this as an “alternative fact” because it’s so damn good.

David Chang leads charge against Trump’s ban on 7 Muslim countries as he puts the spotlight on these country’s cuisines

In a recent tweet, America’s culinary sweetheart shares that he’s currently brushing up on Iraqi, Syrian, Iranian, Libyan, Somalian, Sudanese, and Yemeni cuisines and to expect these on Momofuku’s menus soon. A great use of his voice in the political scene.

Double check your sauces, as China finds 50 factories manufacturing fake sauces and seasonings

In surprising news, Chinese authorities find 50 factories manufacturing fake sauces and seasonings! Using unclean water, industrial grade salt, and secondhand herbs and spices as ingredients causing sickness around the country. Reports list a few of the sauces’ brands as Lee Kum Kee, Nestle, and Knorr.

Following ube’s suit, the pandan leaf finds popularity in the west

L’Alligator c’est Vert in Paris’ Danico

Ube’s rise to fame was unexpected, to say the least, with the purple tuber enamoring our western contemporaries. Similarly, pandan’s popularity comes as a pleasant surprise. The popular Southeast Asian flavoring now lends its unique aroma to cocktails in Parisian bars.

Scientists create Invisipeel, an edible spray that makes food last longer

An American startup in Santa Barbara, California invent an edible coating for your fruits and vegetables to extend shelf-life for up to five months. The spray is made from leftover plant skins and stems, and its the solution keeps water and oxygen from entering the produce creating a barrier to keep it fresh. A bold step into battling food waste, Apeel Solutions hopes that farms can use the spray to prolong their products’ life.

Images via Hypebeast / Esquire Magazine / New York Times

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