Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes Explores Europe Through its Many Different Cuisines (and We’re Giving Away a Free Copy!)

March 31, 2019

Jamie Oliver, best known (especially amongst the ladies) as The Naked Chef, woke up one morning and decided that he wanted to see more of the world. To add to his of growing list of culinary achievements and television shows, the celebrity chef decided to channel his itch to travel into becoming the inspiration for his latest cookbook, Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes.

Jamie Oliver Food Escapes1

This book sheds light on European cuisine, exploring the unique dishes and flavors of Greece, France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, and Sweden, just to name a few. Readers get to know all about each country’s culinary heritage, with Jamie Oliver using his skills and imagination in the kitchen to experiment with traditional classics as well as more modern creations on each page.

Jamie Oliver Food Escapes4 Jamie Oliver Food Escapes9 Jamie Oliver Food Escapes6 Jamie Oliver Food Escapes2

Jamie’s favorite Paella recipe lurks inside this collection of more than a hundred recipes. My own favorites include a quick Minestrone and a recipe for Creamy Mushrooms that makes me want to keep this book for my own selfish and gluttony-induced perusal.

Jamie Oliver Food Escapes5 Jamie Oliver Food Escapes7

As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a how-to section on tapas, comprising of 15 beautiful pages featuring photos  of assorted of cold cuts and other delicious edibles submerged in olive oil.

Jamie Oliver Food Escapes8

Can’t wait to get your hands on Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes? You’re in luck because we’re giving a copy away to one lucky reader.

Jamie Oliver Food Escapes10

You can get a copy of Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes at any of the various Fully Booked branches nationwide. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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Mikka Wee Mikka Wee

Mikka Wee is former editor of and was part of the team until she got whisked away to Singapore in 2016 where she worked in advertising and eventually found herself back in the food industry. She currently does marketing work for two popular Singaporean dessert brands and is a weekly columnist for The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s lifestyle brand, She has always been crazy about travel, food, and her dog Rocket.

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29 responses to “Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes Explores Europe Through its Many Different Cuisines (and We’re Giving Away a Free Copy!)”

  1. MissLilly says:

    I love his books!!! the photos are always gorgeous. I have the 15 minute meals, and although I may not follow them allow, it gives me very good ideas 🙂 Good post

  2. Koko de Vera says:

    I want to explore Turkey not just because of their myriad of spices and that I’d love to be exposed to more exotic cuisines, but more importantly because they’re right in the middle of Asia and Europe and that marriage of cultures excites me 🙂

  3. Danica Patricia B. Perez says:

    I want to explore Korea because I liked most of the dishes I tried from a Korean cuisine. I haven’t been to Korea but I want to learn authentic Korean dishes when I get there. The incorporation of sweetness, saltiness and spices of Korean food is what I really enjoyed and it can be incorporated with meat, vegetables, seafood and even fruits.

  4. mahnellajarion says:

    Traveling in Greece may be one man’s dream, but eating in Greece is definitely another! This underrated cuisine has some overwhelming beauty as much as the country it originated from. Like the perfect white houses and clear blue seas of Greece, the dazzling olive oil, the feta cheese, their colorful salads, tempting roast meats are all postcard perfect by default. Furthermore, it may be a great way to engage in their rich history. History and cuisine at the same time! Isn’t that a win win situation? Opa!

    Jahnella Marion S. Santillan

  5. Paolo Domingo says:

    Italy! who doesn’t like italian food? You don’t have spend a thousands of cash to eat well in Italy, don’t have to linger for hours over a meal. you can find the best food in the unexpected restos. Also. Italian cooks are known for using only the fresh and healthy ingredients. From Antipasti to Sumptuous Entree’s to sweet gelatos Desserts with matching wine and coffee. this place got it all going! Italy probably is the home for both modern and traditional chefs in the world. To get a day tour to this great country would be a great privilege to a foodie / chef like me 😀 .

    Paolo Domingo

  6. Dara de Jesus says:

    It would be America. All of us know that America is known for it’s burgers, fries, and all these oily food. But there is more than that. Few of us know, that America has a diverse kind of food. It will ranging from Mexican, Southern, Californian, and a lot more!

    Jelena Dara de Jesus

  7. marge888 says:

    The one country I wanted to explore is France. Really like to know what’s behind the cuisine that the ladies in France do not get fat as 1 book has written why “French women don’t get fat” that is really interesting to know since most of their dish they added more olive oi.

    Margaret S. Chan

  8. ralf19 says:

    Turkey! Not the bird, the country:-) Right smack in the middle of three continents, Turkey has a cuisine, I expect, that’s influenced by the peoples and cultures this country has come in contact with since the dawn of time. Talk about fusion cuisine created and developed over a millennia before the phrase was even coined. Exploring the unique cuisine of this equally unique country would provide a glimpse of what the whole world has to offer food-wise. What a starting point that would be for exploring the different cuisines of the world!
    Ralph Quiros

  9. Nicole Guevarra says:

    If there’s one country that has an interesting variants of food, it’s the Philippines. From balut to kalderetang kambing, I know there are a lot more in store for us. From the people up there in North, to the people in South, they have different food to serve to us. 🙂

    Nicole B. Guevarra

  10. Zhayne Soriano says:

    Out of all the countries in the world, I want to explore Russia and Russian cuisine. It has a very diverse cuisine thanks to its size and the influences from its neighbors from Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Also, Russian cuisine seems like an unknown to most people so I believe that it will truly be gastronomic adventure.

    Zhayne Soriano

  11. Kevin Sarmiento says:

    If I had to choose a country solely because of its cuisine, it would most definitely be Japan. For me, Japanese cuisine has an identity that is uniquely its own. The food is so unique that you cannot compare their dishes to any other country’s. Aside from that, i love how their food is also expressive of their culture. The Japanese people are so disciplined and organized which also reflects on how most of their dishes are prepared with the utmost precision and finesse. Japanese cuisine is an art form and experience that makes it so interesting.

    Kevin Sarmiento

  12. Macy says:

    If you could explore a certain country around the world based solely on its cuisine, where would it be and why?

    No question: it would be Japan.
    1. I love seafood and the Japanese have the best recipes for seafood. Plus they’re obsessed with having the freshest ingredients possible, which is another point in their favor.

    2. I love that their food comes in bite-size pieces! Yes, that’s a really shallow reason but it has a practical purpose. The food is easy to eat, easy to handle, and you minimize the tendency to overeat. Though it’s probably not fun for the chef who has to make all the tiny treats…

    3. Their food is so pretty! It’s not enough that Japanese food tastes so good. They also make it a point to make it look good too 🙂

    Macy Anonuevo

  13. Cheryl says:

    If I were to travel to one country for the ultimate gastronomic experience, I will have to go with Vietnam – just because I think Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Healthy, and at the same time, delicious. What else can I ask for?

    Vietnamese cuisine is all about getting that perfect balance in every dish being served. The saltiness of the meat is complemented by the sweetness of the sauce or the unhealthy, oily feel of the fried item is balanced by the healthy, fresh feel of the vegetables – something like a “yin-yang” principle. The presence of both meat and vegetables, along with various types of herbs and spices, makes each Vietnamese dish an interesting fusion of many, if not all, fundamental flavors. Each dish feels both strong and smooth. And because there’s that balance of flavors and textures, it feels complete and more importantly, healthy. Such makes the diner feel less guilty about food indulgence. The mere thought that I’m being served something balanced gives me the impression that I don’t have to worry about eating a lot. And because I LOVE to eat a lot, this is undoubtedly an advantage. But, from a less gourmand point of view, Vietnamese cuisine is just interesting because it proves that beautiful, delicious food can be served in a simple, healthy way.


  14. Lady In Pink says:

    I want to explore first the Philippines. Our country offers a wide-range of food from different regions. Each has its own delicacy, spices to use that is very unique. Certain food i.e. adobo is cooked in various ways.
    marian peralta

  15. Ma. Clarice Itumay says:

    I want to explore Saudi Arabia. I know it is an Islamic country and they don’t have pork so I want to see and imagine how can they cope up with no lechon, bacon and pork chop. ( my favorites!) they must have something really good to keep them sane and that is something i really want to find out. 🙂

    Ma. Clarice Lao – Itumay

  16. jesse says:

    I’d explore China. The Cultural diversity between the chinese themselves is quite something. We all know the usual Italian, Middle Eastern, Japanese… they all have the very similar basic template of ingredients and methods per region. The difference with China from city/region to another is extremely different. Yunnan Region for example has a cuisine where everything is thrown in… they don’t like diversity on the table they like veggies with meat or veggies with seafood all stirred up together even having cheese as a staple in one of the cities like the city a certain author called shangri-la, and then there’s the canton region famous for it’s world renowned dimsum not to mention that cantonese food all on it’s own is already very famous, and Kashgar which is nearing the border to the middle east… they use very middle eastern ingredients like nuts and spices and even make noodles like the Italian’s make pasta with dumplings shaped like tortellinis(probably something they got from people plying the silk route!!

    Other than that diversity… China being a powerhouse economy and finally being more exposed to western culture Chinese food in general has seen a rise in experimenting with traditional food and making them extremely modern this could possibly be seen in a mega metropolis like shanghai or guangzhou! This country is becoming such a food crazy country that they even have Food museums that show their cuisine’s history.

    We can all agree that it’s not much of an ease trying to get around China yet because of the shoving and pushing and the absence of lines everywhere, but as a true foodie you can never deny that China has the biggest potential in terms of cultural diversity as far as food goes. They may not be exactly our country’s “friend” right now and i personally don’t enjoy hearing the sound of “hak-too” every 5 seconds but yeah the diversity of chinese cuisine is just amazing it makes a foodie so excited! i just wonder what other food items they have that hasn’t been recognized yet by the world. I wanna see this country in a backpacker’s point of view… to often us asian’s travel in tour groups.

    P.S. I turn a blind eye towards any bad cultural habits or stereotypes… the food served on a culture’s plate tells a wider story.

    Jeston Chua

  17. Daniela de Gracia says:

    If I were to grab the chance of exploring a country for its cuisine, it would definitely be Italy.

    Imagine having to live with a foster family there as volunteer work (to teach a new language or be a babysitter to the kids) and you get to sink your teeth into the freshest ingredients that were just grown outside of that local family’s garden. Imagine, first thing in the morning, how crisp the produce are when you dig in to that salad that was picked for you just that morning. Picture how plump and red the tomatoes are when you get to see how they prepare freshly made tomato sauces. Think about how rich the cheeses are when they come straight from a local who has a passion for cheese-making (which is vast in Italy, for sure).

    Who wouldn’t want to spend their days with a good family company plus a feast which you know are always something special yet so simple for them? That is definitely, simplicity at its finest. We don’t need something so complex to make a dish amazing, all it needs is some passion and love for food. Italy may not be as perfect as France or England, but like what Matteo Marzotto said, “Italy is imperfect and it’s loved because it’s imperfect.”

    Daniela de Gracia

  18. Mark Philip Wu says:

    If I had to explore a country’s cuisine, I would go with Iceland since the cuisine there takes you so far out of the norm. The most notorious is of course, hakarl, the rotten shark that they eat over there that inspires violent reactions to everyone that tries it. But hey, it gets better! They also eat whale; and make their their hotdogs with a mixture of beef, pork and lamb, which gives it a peculiar taste. There’s also skyr, the yogurt like dairy product that natives eat all the time which is like a cross between yogurt and soft serve. And finally, eating a whole sheep’s head. Everything is just so different from what you’re used to and it opens up a whole new world to you.

    Mark Philip Wu

  19. Karen Patricia Herrera says:

    If I could pick a place for a food experience, it would be Italy. Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel, Eat Pray Love is one of the reasons why I’d love to explore Italy’s cuisine. I really love pastas, I also want to be in a relationship with their pizza (particularly in Naples), I want to eat gelato by the Trevi fountain and I want Italian cheese (oh how I love cheese!!).

    Karen Patricia Herrera

  20. Inky says:

    Oh dear! Although I’ve always had the biggest love for Paris, when it comes to local cuisine, I would love to explore Switzerland; every nook and cranny. Switzerland is nestled between neighbouring countries like France, Germany, and Italy so that is where everything comes together. The diversity of the people, and the different cultures contribute largely to the variety of tastes and the refined flavors in their local cuisine. Add in the fact that Swiss people have impeccable taste in almost anything–the cheese, and the chocolates included, of course–I am positive my tastebuds would have a ball when I am finally able to discover everything that Switzerland has to offer.

    Hazel Callora

  21. Malja Lee says:

    If I were to explore a country for its cuisine it would be
    Italy. This country is beautiful like its food. It’s simple, fresh, and full of

    A classic plate of pasta in fresh marinara sauce, a huge
    slice of pizza oozing with Italian cheeses, a giant scoop of gelato… It’s an absolute
    delight to the senses! It’s a foodie’s dream to indulge in the birthplace of the
    most remarkable foods the world can offer.

    I remember watching Gennaro Contaldo working his craft on
    Jamie Oliver’s food tube. Oh how passionate he was! That’s what’s so unique and
    awe-inspiring about Italians and their food, they do it with love, that’s their
    special ingredient. No one does it better like the Italians do.

  22. Lalimarie Dalman Bhagwani says:

    I’ll go for a small country but packs a punch when it comes to dining experience. I want to explore and experience Singapore over and over again. It’s a foodie haven from organized hawker stalls to fine dining restaurants, it offers a lot for every mood and budget. The Chinese, Malay, and Indian influences leaves this tiny country with a lot to offer. Hello chicken rice and chili crab! And hey I can explore half of it on foot.
    Lalimarie D. Bhagwani

  23. Tricia Fabico says:

    I would definitely stick in our country, the Philippine Islands! I’m not so much of a nationalistic person but with no bias. We have a rich and mixed culture of different cuisines coming from our ancestors and foreign settlers that passed on to our locals presently. I consider our country a multi-cultural community who have a special taste with food, all the more now we have more foreigners coming in the Philippines. (This is of course our big big big advantage!) There’s a lot to explore of our own cuisines and its evolution! Imagine how many islands to go to and explore how they have adapt and evolved in the food world. Our palate is quite unique and interestingly makes us locals indulge for more! Who wouldn’t feel so loved and happy when Filipinos dine like a king? Oh I mean feast in every meal. haha!

    Tricia Fabico

    Sorry no twitter account.

  24. […] Jamie Oliver's Food Escapes by Jamie Oliver – book sheds light on European cuisine, exploring the unique dishes and flavors of Greece, France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, and Sweden, just to name a few. Readers get to know all about each country's culinary heritage, … […]

  25. melodyco says:

    I love Italian food! I would go all around Italy finding rustic and the simplest recipes. I’ve haven’t been there and I’ve heard some people talk about their initial shock that Italian food is not as they expected because “it’s just plain” or it tastes different and they’re so used to the pizzas and pastas that they have back home. I want to find out for myself – to witness their passion for food, cooking and the freshest ingredients. If it really is as plain as they say, maybe this is the way Italian food was meant to be enjoyed – to go all the way there then when we go back home, create an inspired interpretation in our kitchens based on our first-hand experiences =)

    Melody Co @

  26. laarn says:

    I am a pasta and cheese lover so I would love to visit Italy and discover how they can make their homegrown pasta and sauces.

  27. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    I would want to explore Korean cuisine. I’ve been a fan of those Korean buffets and I would love to know more on what other varieties Korean cuisine has to offer.

    Kimberly Camille Tiu

  28. Jet Reyes says:

    I would go to America , Because america ALMOST have it all,

    if i want to try chinese food, i’d go to china town, You want to go to korea? Go to Korea Town, Italy? Go to Little Italy, America is a place of food, they almost have everything you want to eat there. but of course nothing beats the originals.

    It’s just that America has a little bit of everthing. A lot of culture in one country

    Mac Jethro P Reyes

  29. Mike De Guzman says:

    The country I would explore through its cuisine would have to be Italy. Why? I mean, who didn’t grow up on the ultimate Italian export, the spaghetti? But more than this, I choose it because from what I know, Italy has the one of the most diverse and richest cuisine in the world. This is largely due to its unique geography, a great combination of fertile agricultural land, a sea that is teeming with life, and a temperate weather that is conducive for supporting plant and animal life. This results in a rich regional cuisine, along with a unique national cuisine that is both interesting and pleasurable to explore, experience, and document.

    Michael P. De Guzman

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