Jacob’s Peanut Praline Butter in Hot Chili Flavor Is the Spicy Spread We Never Knew We Needed

A small family business started by Nathalie and Jeferson Espiritu (and dedicated to their son Jacob), Jacob’s Peanut Praline Butter creates tasty peanut butters that can easily win the hearts of those on #TeamCrunchy. But unlike your regular crunchy peanut butter with large chunks of peanuts, the bits are made from ground peanut pralines that give a sweeter and deeper flavor to the spreads. This extra step in their production makes for a decadent peanut butter that you may very quickly find yourself consuming by the spoonful, by offering a peanut butter that tastes (and feels) unlike any other you’ll find on the market.

We’ve talked about their matcha flavor before, but now we are flipping over the spicy variant and their latest addition: munchable coco-sugar coated nuts.

In their lineup of spreads, Jacob’s offers original, organic coconut sugar, matcha, and hot chili, but the latter is what stood out to us the most, drawing out and enhancing the flavors of each ingredient. While you can serve it on toast, toss it in your overnight oats, or slop it on a banana, there’s nothing like experiencing the full-on flavor with a scoop heaping on a spoon.

These healthy snacks offer the taste of their flagship product, with the convenience of being able to munch on it wherever you go.

Jacob’s has since expanded to include coconut sugar coated nuts to their lineup of snacks that are not only really easy to get into, but are a healthier-than-your-average snack option, using a type of “alternative” sugar that is lauded for its low glycemic index. And while healthy snacks are all well and good, we are simply sold on the way that the coconut sugar has its own distinct flavor that complements the nuts to create an energy-boosting delicious snack that is perfect for keeping in your bag for a long day on the go.


Jacob’s Peanut Praline Butter makes homemade praline butters with no preservatives or emulsifiers.

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