JA Lees’ Mushroom Chicharon May Not Be a Pork Rind Substitute But We’re Into It

September 25, 2017

The family-run JA Lees Farm (owned by the Lees family) in Indang, Cavite, have been growing mushrooms for several years, Jasmin Lees tells us, as Indang has a cooler and more moist climate that is suitable for growing the delectable fungi. Her mother, who loves to cook, began making the mushroom chicharon in their own home, and the family soon realized that there was something to the crunchy kitchen experiment.

Lees tells us that microwaving their snack for a few seconds gives it an extra crunch and brings out the flavors more, though it tastes great as is as well.

Oyster mushrooms provide the base for these chips-alternative, which are then coated in an egg mixture that uses cassava flour and tapioca flour (for a crunchier chicharon, says Lees) instead of your regular all-purpose flour, and fried in coconut oil. The chicharon are then “de-oiled” to remove 95% of the oil so its natural mushroom taste comes forward, and then the chicharon are baked to give it a toasty flavor. The result is a hearty snack with an incredibly robust bite.

You can add it on top of your salad or palabok, eat it with a vinegar dip, or even mix it in your pasta or congee. Or just shovel it in your mouth like we do.

Their bestselling flavor is the Peri-Peri, with a Portuguese seasoning both sweet and spicy says Lees. They also do well on the flagship classic flavor, seasoned with just salt and pepper, as well as the simple garlic flavor. Lees tells us her personal favorite is the wasabi, while those with a taste for spice go for the jalapeño cheese. They recently have developed more savory flavors with a hickory barbecue blend and a beef tapa flavor for a more Filipino twist.

JA Lees Farms

A local mushroom farm that produces plain and flavored mushroom chicharon.

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2 responses to “JA Lees’ Mushroom Chicharon May Not Be a Pork Rind Substitute But We’re Into It”

  1. J says:

    Ok so previously they claim that these are BAKED. And with that premise, I ordered 60 packs to give as Christmas presents two years ago.

    Now this article says they’re fried. Are they just saying things to get people to purchase them??? Wtf!

  2. Bea Osmeña says:

    According to the Lees, are fried then baked and undergo a process that removes 95% of the oil.

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