Here are 7 Take-Out Meal Ideas You Can Bring to Your Upcoming Christmas Potluck Party

In the Philippines, Christmas isn’t limited to celebrating the holidays on the 25th. It’s a season marked by radio stations and malls playing every Christmas carol by late September, an entire month when your planner is filled with party after party, and the most consistent time your clothes are starting to feel tighter upon each fit.

Every reunion and party requires not only your presence, but also a large plate or pot that will feed the stream of guests. To make sure that every kind of taste is satisfied this season, here are some dishes you can serve at your next party.

1. Dulcelin Gourmet’s Red Rice Salad

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  • Dulcelin Gourmet offers the Red Rice Salad as its own fusion dish of two favorite foreign cuisines: Spanish and Korean. They describe this dish as the “Korean version of paella” that’s served with seared tuna slices, shrimp, and shredded lettuce.
  • Price: PHP 1,800 for 10 pax. Orders can be made at 374-2165 or 67, 0917-535-2592, and 0917-513-882. You can visit their website  for the rest of their menu and even dine in at Dulcelin Gourmet at the UP Town Center along Katipunan Avenue.

2. Chef Jyn Monteverde’s Mediterranean Chicken

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  • Chicken completes every Christmas gathering and Chef Jyn’s Mediterranean Chicken not only serves this staple differently but also completes the meal with rice pilaf, homemade tortillas, and fresh cilantro-tomato salsa.
  • Price: PHP 750 for 4 to 6 people. You may contact Chef Jyn at 0917-5280563 or 0917-6222521.

3. nawwTy’s Kitchen’s Spiced Pork Tenderloin

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  • nawwTy’s Kitchen lets you diversify the “ulam” served at a gathering with its Spiced Pork Tenderloin. Serve these tender pieces in round cuts so that everyone gets their fair share with rice at your party.
  • Price: PHP 4,360 for 8 to 10 people. Text or call 0918-936-9854 or 0920-907-9122 to place your orders. You may also email them at nawwtyskitchen@gmail and refer to their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page for more information on their other dishes.

4. Stevie’s Hainanese Chicken Set

Photo by Pam Santos
  • Save yourself the trouble of cooking rice and preparing sauce for your viand by ordering a Hainanese Chicken Set from Stevie Villacin. One whole chicken comes with 5 cups of either traditional or olive rice and dipping sauces of ginger, chili, and sweet soy.
  • Price: Hainanese set with traditional rice is at PHP 1,100 while a set with olive rice is at PHP 1,200. You can also order extra rice at PHP 55 per cup of olive rice or PHP 45 for the traditional rice. Contact 896-8940 or 0906-508-4155 to place orders. We also checked out the rest of his menu in a previous article and interested parties should note that the other dishes require a one to two day lead time.

5. Art of Pie’s Salmon Caviar Pie

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  • Treat your family and friends to the rich decadence of this 6-inch Salmon Caviar Pie. Each slice carries the rich taste of caviar, onions, and cream cheese.
  • Price: PHP 3,000 for a 6-inch Smoked Salmon Caviar Pie that comes with a pack of wholegrain crackers. Be sure to order the pie a day in advance. Contact Chef Kyra for orders at 0917-5094855 or email her at chefkyra@ymail.com. The rest of her pies can be seen on this Facebook page.

6. Anita Li’s Bocaditos

Photo from Anita Li
  • Some Christmas gatherings and parties stretch until late evening, so you’ll have to keep guests eating even during merienda. Anita Li’s bocaditos are pastry pockets filled with ingredients such as baby spinach, wild mushroom, chili-lime tuna, and Spanish chorizo, depending on the type you order.
  • Price: PHP 70 for each bocadito. You can visit their website for more information and call 736-2877 or 0917-525-9740 for orders. You can also visit them at 2/F, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall Building D, Mandaluyong City.

7. Marge Sy’s Paella Negra

Photo by Gela Velasco
  • Rice can never be just plain at a Christmas potluck and large servings of Marge Sy’s Paella Negra promises you not just intense squid ink flavors, but also generous seafood toppings of shrimp and green mussels.
  • Price: PHP 4,500 for an order large enough for 12 to 15 persons. You may contact 0918-945-8845 for orders or check out her stall at the Salcedo Weekend Market. Make sure to order two days in advance.

What do you like bringing to potluck parties? Let us know your favorite orders, where to get them, and the contact details in the comments section below.

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  1. Maybe the comment “not practical” – means its too expensive for average people. I find most of the post here at pepper helpful except this one which as observed by others is really pure advertising

    1. I believe your comment is the one that doesn’t make sense. Why not practical? Just call and order and pick-it up, a 5 years old kid can do that.

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more. What’s not to make sense of? Unless of course one has problem with reading and comprehension.

  2. I never believe any of those “good-for-x-people” claims, simply because I’ve never found any of them to be true 😉

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