Inspired by New York and San Sebastian’s Famous Cheesecakes, Keso Cake Makes Theirs Thicc

October 7, 2018

Chef Justin Golangco of Bucky’s is hustling titas-of-Manila style, with home-baked cheesecakes that he sells by order advance order for pick-up or delivery. Different from usual cheesecakes you’ll find on display at your mall cafés, the Keso cake is essentially cheesecake of Golangco’s dreams that he made come to life. Inspired by the cheesecakes of New York combined with the famous Basque Burnt Cheesecake from San Sebastian, both cities where Golangco had previously worked as a chef, the Keso cake embodies everything he loves in a cheesecake.

Impress your mom, her friends, and your friends.

Having been working with this recipe for a long time, Golangco shares that the Keso brand has been always something in the works that had only yet to materialize. Finally, with Bucky’s in Poblacion sadly closing with the end of their lease in the building (don’t worry, you can still get your soft-serve fix at The Grid in Powerplant Mall), the time was ripe for Golangco to focus on Keso as a personal project, for which he partnered up with Isabel Abad Santos.

You can also order this with some of Golangco’s homemade whipped cream.

The Keso cake isn’t light and sickly sweet like the berry-laden cheesecakes that are more ubiquitous. It is so dense that it takes us some time to slide the knife all the way to its crust. It is so thick that a bite lingers in your mouth, enveloping it in the cream cheese flavor more pungent and lingering than cheesecakes your tita brings to the house. The burnt top and pan-toasted sides deepen and enrich the flavors. It’s a cheesecake that deserves to be put into bold letters. It’s a Cheesecake.

Don’t be deceived by its size: this cake is small but mighty.

The Keso cake brand only carries one item, in one size: their signature cheesecake. You can add PHP200 for him to throw in a bag of homemade whipped cream too, which adds some light, clean contrast to balance out the heavyweight dessert. And if you want to try a slice out before ordering a whole cake, drop by Side Chick at The Alley By Karrivin—the only place you can find it by the slice, and also the pick-up point for cake orders.


A cheesecake inspired by those famous in New York and Basque.

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