How to Make Your Own Mango Ice Monster in 10 Minutes

This food hack was originally posted on March 11, 2016 but was re-published with a video.

Ice Monster. An iconic indicator of a generation whose idea of “best mall dessert ever” came in small, carton tubs of shaved ice flavored with condensed milk, sweetened water, and topped with meager portions of pure-sugar cereals, fruits with nonexistent nutritional value, and brownies that were sandpaper-dry. Oh, and remember those plastic soupspoons (the ones that usually come with your Chinese restaurant takeout) you ate it with? Yes you do.

Once upon a time, this overpriced serving of ice was the proprietor of numerous moments of ecstasy. We endured the long lines, became masochists as we found each self-inflicted brain freeze to be adequately enjoyable and thrilling, ate them in solitude, selfishly keeping it from the public’s eye (especially from close friends who aren’t saliva-conscious, cranky mothers threatening that they need a bite, etc etc) for fear of this communal act called sharing. Never has shaved ice become such a commodity and an object of envy.

We became greedy little bastards, gluttons hungry for this saccharine snowball. We scooped and slurped like the world was coming to an end until one day, we just got tired of it. Ice Monster became a rare sight until it slowly faded into food oblivion, joining the once-glamorous throng of pearl shake stores and dry ice juice stalls.

Today on Pepper.ph, we’re recreating that “Ice Monster experience” for you. We did the mango variant, but you can feel free to top it with anything within the range of your wildest imagination—all you need anyway for the base is crushed ice, condensed milk, and corn syrup.

Of course, it’s best eaten with a Chinese-style soupspoon.



Serving Size

2 people

Active Time

10 mins

Total Time

10 mins

  1. Divide crushed ice into 2 bowls then top with cubed mangoes.
  2. Drizzle with condensed milk and corn syrup until desired sweetness is achieved.
  3. Serve immediately.​

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