How to Edit Food Shots on Snapseed

December 29, 2018

Even once the lights are off, the kitchen’s been cleaned, and the studio is empty, my duties as a food photographer are still far from over. I still have to edit my photos in photoshop and I believe a great majority of photographers out there do too. I love editing photos and the process is an art in itself. There is so much a photo can gain by tweaking its color, contrast, hue, and a dozen other parameters. It has such a huge impact on how the final image will turn out that  you can easily distinguish one photographer from another through their editing techniques. It’s basically like branding your photographs.

For those who’ve asked about my workflow after every food shoot, today’s your lucky day. This is a follow-up post on last week’s 5 Easy Steps to Take Better Photos on Instagram. This time, I’ll teach you how to edit your photos effectively using your smartphones. When editing, my app of choice on mobile platforms is Snapseed. It’s the closest I can get to Photoshop-level editing on a mobile device.

1. The Unedited Shot

nestle crunch unedited upload

We start with our unedited shot. This shot here is the output of my surprisingly productive  Friday-holiday morning.

2. Snapseed Vintage Filter


I opened the photo on Snapseed and used Vintage Filter Style #3. I opted for Filter Style 3 as it has a very minor hue adjustment and only adds a thin low contrast vintage layer with some vignettes(dark edges) to the photo. Since the photo is made up of mostly the white surface, even a slight color adjustment is easily noticeable.

3. Drama Filter

Edit set2

Snapseed has another filter category called Drama, that adds another style layer to your photo. Based on what I’ve noticed, the drama filter increases a bit of sharpness and contrast while retaining the vintage film look we like.

I chose the Bright 2 drama filter preset, and decreased my filter strenght to +45 so the effect will be a bit more subtle. This filter desaturates your photo a lot, so I had to readjust the saturation to +34 in order to bring back the light browns of the chocolate.

4. Tune Image

edit set3

I now proceed to my final adjustments to perfect the effect. I increase Ambience to +73. The ambience adjustment is similar to the saturation tool but this one not only increases saturation but also brings back some of the lost details in the photo. Take note of how the ladder became more defined after adjusting the ambience.

I also increased the brightness to make the word “crunch” more legible.

5. Final Output

nestle crunch unedited_12 upload


5. Stack Another Filter (Optional)

edit set4

If it were up to me, I would end at Step 5. However, I also want to illustrate how stacking filters can add more color variations to your photographs.

In this step, I added another Vintage Style Layer to the existing Vintage Style 3 layer in Step 2. This resulted in a nice mixture of yellow, green and blue hues. I had to minimize the style, contrast, and texture strength to maintain a subtle effect.

6. Final Output #2

nestle crunch unedited_1 upload

Ta dah! (the sequel)

Which effect do you like more? Was this tutorial useful? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Mylene Chung Mylene Chung

Mylene Chung is a food photographer and prop stylist for Pepper.ph and PhotoKitchen. She’s worked with companies like Resorts World Manila, Reader’s Digest Asia, Manila Peninsula and has been featured in several publications and tv shows. Over the course of her career, she has already gained a whopping 20 pounds, which she has been desperately trying to lose. For more updates from her, you can add her up on instagram @mylenechung.

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  1. Nico Goco says:

    snapseed is the shiznit.

  2. Faith says:

    awesome photography and YAY android! 😀

  3. ac says:

    I just auto adjust on snapseed. this is so helpful. Thaaaank you 😀

  4. Adrian De Leon says:

    Yay, Snapseed! I’ve never been a fan of their filters since minimal ako mag edit, pero this makes me want to experiment with them again.

  5. Pamela Cortez says:

    What!! Mama Mye you said VSCOcam!!! Must get snapseed now.

  6. crezi says:

    i like the original photo better. but that’s just me. haha…

  7. The Luminance app works nicely too 🙂

  8. Mawe says:

    the output just looks like Brannan filter of IG.

  9. Lorelei Olalia says:

    Ta-dah (The Sequel) LOL MYEEEE

  10. omgitsrallyg says:

    Snapseed +brightens, contrast, saturation, details up to 100% and you’re done!! VSCOcam for best filters!!!

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