Here Are Some Dishes Worth Breaking Your New Year’s Resolutions For

This month was a long one. It’s like an entire year passed by with the amount of stuff that’s happened; but lo, it’s not even February yet. We truly commend those who have stuck through their New Year’s diet resolutions this long. But you know what, you deserve a break. Here’s your sign to give yourself a cheat day—make it count. Here’s our list of sinful, delicious dishes that are worth the extra calories.

Pollo al Burro from a mano

Photo courtesy of Amado Fores of a mano

a mano has captured Metro Manila’s food scene since opening late last year—and for good reason. The restaurant by Amado Fores (son of Margarita Fores) is an homage to artisan, handmade Italian classics. While there’s much to be said of their pastas and pizzas, for this list we’re zeroing in on their buttery Pollo al Burro. It’s an ideal dish for anyone who’s not quite in the mood to go all in on breaking their diet.

High and Mighty Pie from Chili’s

The High and Mighty Pie is hands-down one of Chili’s best items. The frozen dessert guarantees a welcome sugar rush, with its Heath bar-embedded vanilla ice cream body, crushed Oreo crust, and lines of caramel and hot fudge. If you can’t run (and you probably literally should to balance off what’s to come) to the nearest branch, you can make it at home, instead.

Sizzling Sinigang from Locavore

Locavore’s famous Sizzling Sinigang is one of those dishes you can just keep eating. The flavors are familiar, but the medium makes it all the more enjoyable to eat. What makes this dish so sinful isn’t necessarily what it’s composed of, but the extra cups of rice it’ll inevitably herald to the table. (PS: You can also make this one on your own.)

Prosciutto di Parma from Motorino

Some members of the team have an unabashed love for Motorino. They know just how to hit the spot with their thick-crust pizzas. Their Prosciutto di Parma, in particular, lands a spot in this list for its generous servings of fior de latte and cured ham. Plus, with its Zomato Gold promo, you can get two pizzas for the price of one!

Hiplog from Pepita’s Kitchen

Sure, you can always get lechon from Pepita’s Kitchen. After all, Dedet de la Fuente is Lechon Diva. But early last year, we discovered another similarly heart-stopping dish: hiplog. A portmanteau of hipon and itlog, the dish is prawns doused in a golden salted egg sauce that’s “rich AF.”

PREMIUM UNLIMITED from Fantastic Baka

Photo from Fantastic Baka’s Facebook page

KBBQ is an easy choice for a cheat meal. There’s really nothing much else to explain as to why that is. But we’ll say this—if you’re gonna gorge yourself on as much pork and beef as you can, might as well get it from a place that actually does it well.

Original king (Butao Ramen) from Ramen Nagi

Photo from Ramen Nagi’s Facebook page

For those craving noods, treat yourself to a bowl of Ramen Nagi’s Original King. The hearty tonkotsu broth has enough richness to get you through another month of healthy eating. And since you’re already there anyway, go ahead and order a size of sizzling gyoza. (Why not?)

Pen Pals from The Lobby at The Peninsula

Photo courtesy of Mariano Garchitorena of The Peninsula Manila

If you’re on a true “f*ck it, I deserve it” tirade, take yourself to The Lobby at The Peninsula Manila and order their legendary Pen Pals. The over-the-top dessert features 19 (!!!) scoops of ice cream in different flavors over a bed of fresh fruits. It’s finished with cherries, waffle sticks, chocolate decor, marshmallows, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. Okay, it’s probably too much for one person, so maybe make it a group thing—with your cycling buddies, perhaps.

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