Herbivora is a Vegan, Plant-Based Home Delivery Service That Started in Wanderland 2017

January 25, 2018

Parents and partners Alisa Sazonova and John James Uy run Herbivora, an entirely plant-based vegan home delivery service. The difference between vegan and plant-based, explains Sazonova, is that the former can include imitation meat and other processed ingredients, while plant-based focuses on using whole foods that are not animal based. The result of a combination of both is a menu that is entirely wholesome and ‘cruelty-free’.

Many omnivores are shocked to realize that the jackfruit sandwich, designed to replicate pulled pork, is entirely meat-free. It remains their bestselling menu item.

“The idea of [Herbivora] started 4 years ago when I first became vegan,” explains Alisa Sazonova. “But the business really started in Wanderland [2017].” Though they had just started to do meal services from home 2 months prior to the said-music festival, they identify Wanderland as their trial by fire and the real beginning of Herbivora. Long waiting lines and angry customers gave the two a taste of the difficulty that the food business inevitably comes with. But the experience, far from discouraging them, only inspired the couple that the project was worth it.

The most important thing I’ve learned is to replicate meat and textures. Now you don’t even miss meat.” – Uy

“Communication [and understanding] is very important [during events], especially with so many people,” says Sazonova, looking back on the event with clarity and calmness. And they look back on the event as a positive experience, quips Uy, because it showed them that not only vegans but even omnivores were interested in their meals. “It was the birth of [Herbivora],” he says with a kind and rare earnestness.

Sazonova says that sauces and spices are key to making anything taste good.

The original meal-plan model has been restructured and Herbivora just offers a menu of items for delivery around Metro Manila. And if you want to try their dishes freshly cooked, they recently have found themselves at Good Food Sundays in Mandala Park. “They’re mostly vegans,” says Sazonova. “We’ve become friends with most of the [vendors]. It’s very nice. [At] vegan bazaars, [there’s] so much positivity, because veganism is about love and kindness and compassion, so it’s very nice to be around.”


A vegan, plant-based home delivery service that has a stall at Good Food Sundays.

Contact: 0920-973-2956 / herbivoraph@gmail.com
Spend: PHP 150-220
Follow: Facebook / Instagram

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