Having Home-Baked Scones in Manila Is Possible with Fatatita Scones

July 21, 2018

In her youth, Iya Nakpil-Roxas spent her Sundays baking at her lola‘s house with her cousins. She tells us that she has had a complicated relationship with baking and its need for preciseness—”the slightest change can have a big impact”—but with her mother as as a loving, supportive, and, most of all, honest critic, that relationship with baking eventually blossomed. In fact, it was her mother who inspired Nakpil-Roxas to bake scones.

Peep Nakpi-Roxas’s self-portrait on the bottom left corner of this photo.

Her mother has a great love for the baked good, especially when enjoyed alongside tea as it is traditionally paired with (which the family would often do while on vacation, so scones have always been very nostalgic for the baker). Her mother was on an endless search for the best scones in Manila, and would always be disappointed, never finding one to her liking that met the standards of scones that she had tried abroad. One day, Nakpil-Roxas surprised her mother with homemade scones, but they unfortunately did not quite meet her mother’s standards; Nakpil-Roxas thereafter found herself “kind of obsessed” with making the perfect scone for the months that followed. Finally, after months of baking, comparing, and sending scones left and right to family and friends, her mother told her that her “search for the best scone ended at home.” With these words as a sort of blessing, Roxas-Nakpil was inspired to sell the scones that took months of obsessive development.

“Scones are very delicate—you have to work quickly, your ingredients and equipment have to be cold, and you can’t over-knead them or they’ll come out flat and dense—so the weather can really work against you (especially when it’s summer!). I have to keep the aircon on when I bake.”

She called the brand Fatatita, after a nickname her tita gave her as a child (“I was a little chubby and had big cheeks and half a head of standing hair. Yes, much like tweety bird.”). The logo was a self-portrait she drew of herself from an incident in Spain after she had just enjoyed “what still stands as the best paella of [her] life”. While walking to the hotel from the restaurant after the large meal, the button of her pants literally popped out! Fatatita Scones are not only a very personal project because of the experiences and memories linked with its name and logo, but the brand is also a combination of Nakpil-Roxas’s passion for art and food, as she took great care to design the packaging and crafting the experience from receiving it to eating the goodies that lie within the box.

We can imagine drowning these in cream on a cold afternoon in London, while sipping on tea with our pinkies up.

You receive the scones in a clean, natural-colored box that is beautiful in its simplicity and structure. Open it up and you’re greeted by a printed piece of paper that walks you through the ritual of eating scones, an old tradition that Nakpil-Roxas manages to make accessible through this inclusion. And beneath her “instructional guide” are the wonderfully crumbly, buttery, and chewy homemade scones that come in either Buttermilk or Lemon Chia. The Buttermilk has a tinge of fatty richness to it, while the Lemon Chia (our favorite) brightens up the palate with some zing and added texture. And while clotted cream is hard to come by to pair with these scones, Fatatita Scones brings us one step closer to our British fare dreams.


Homemade scones that come in Buttermilk and Lemon Chia.

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    You mentioned something about the packaging and logo but barely showed a photo of it so we could appreciate it more. Sana there was a good shot/photo of that accompanying the article since there are lots of good photos in its IG account.

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