Butterbeer: Enjoy the Famous Harry Potter Drink Right in your Room

If you’ve spent a good number of your growing up years gushing over the epic and unparalleled magical series that is Harry Potter, then put your round-framed glasses on because you won’t believe your eyes…and your taste buds! Prepare for this enchanting recipe that’ll send you (and your Firebolt) rising to unbounded heights.

Tucked in the heart of Hogsmeade, a tiny village where wizards and all sorts of enchanted beings amble around, is The Three Broomsticks. A familiar haven to Hogwarts students who are on their third year or above, this cozy pub houses a favorite beverage of Harry, Hermione, and Ron—the beloved Butterbeer.

And though other muggles have tried to recreate this recipe countless times, here’s one that’s sooo easy to make, you don’t need a wand from dear Ollivander to conjure it.

Just as there are three magical objects that comprise The Deathy Hallows, there are three magical (yet not impossible to attain) ingredients needed to complete this wild wizardly treat. A simple combination of Caramel Syrup, Cream Soda, and a generous dollop of Whipped Cream is all you need to concoct this Butterbeer. It’ll surely give you the same awesome vibes and sheer luck as a vial of Felix Felicis would.

So if you’re feeling kinda wizardly and otherworldly, round up your gang of magical folk and enjoy this wonderful sorcery of a drink! You’ll surely be transported right into The Three Broomsticks, no floo powder or any sort of apparition required.

Hogsmeade Butter Beer

Yield: 1 serving


  • 1 can of cold cream soda
  • 3-4 tbsp caramel Syrup
  • Whipped cream


  1. Pour cream soda and caramel syrup into a huge glass mug.
  2. Stir well.
  3. Top with Whip Cream.

31 Responses

  1. Are there any alternatives to cream soda, just in case I don’t see it in my supermarket? (I’m living in Spain right now, not sure what cream soda in Spanish is. :P)

  2. Sweet, sweet beer.. ahh.. 🙂 this may be the gateway drink to more alcoholic fun (should one opt to put beer in)

    1. supermarket haha but mostly it’s in those a bit high-end supermarket like the one in rockwell or rustan’s (I could be wrong though) coz it’s gonna be imported for sure. Popular cream soda brand that I know of is Schweps(?) hehe goodluck! 🙂

      1. SM and other big supermarkets usually have this, Rustan’s for sure. A&W makes a lot, but it doesn’t taste like it used too (not as sweet), Coote’s is another brand to check.

      2. SM and other big supermarkets usually have this, Rustan’s for sure. A&W makes a lot, but it doesn’t taste like it used too (not as sweet), Coote’s is another brand to check.

    2. Cream soda is an old term for carbonated water. brands: Perrier, Pelligrino, schewepes. You can buy this in alcoholic beverage section in savemore (in malls) or any wine store.

      1. Cream soda is NOT just carbonated water.. It tastes.. hmmm.. It’s really hard to describe the taste.. I guess like a caramelish kind of flavor, but not as strong as caramel… Sprecher’s describes theirs as “Another throw-back to the standards of yesteryear, our cream soda is
        honey colored, not colorless or artificially red. Wisconsin honey and
        pure vanilla are carefully blended in a gas-fired kettle, creating a
        delicate caramelization of sugars that results in a fusion of flavor.
        This unique process produces a rich vanilla flavored soda with hints of
        honey and caramel and a long-lasting, creamy head.”

      2. I think you’re thinking of Club Soda….Creme Soda is a flavor of pop/soda…like coke, pepsi, etc….

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