Have a Cheese Party at Home With La Petite Fromagerie’s Bottled Cheese Spreads

July 27, 2019

In late 2016, Karla Reyes organized a cheese and charcuterie buffet for her mom’s birthday. All the guests loved it, and two of her mom’s friends even got her to recreate the feast for separate events that following weekend. She immediately worked on creating her brand, a cheese catering service named La Petite Fromagerie (“The Little Cheese Shop”). Soon enough, she was catering four to five events per week.

A few months later, Karla formally launched La Petite Fromagerie at a small event with family and friends from the food industry. She prepared a Truffle Cream Cheese Spread that was meant to just be an appetizer during the cocktails. But it stood out; so much so that she got at least five requests to bottle and sell it. So she did.

Karla mentions that one of her biggest challenges, apart from the initial logistical issues in the production of her bottled spreads (that are now fixed!), is dealing with copycats. On that note, her advice is to remember that your product is unique—no one can ever copy your taste and style. Just keep doing your thing, anchored on your vision. Know your market, and always innovate.

You don’t have to try so hard to convince your clients to hire you or purchase your products, especially when there are other companies offering similar services. When clients are happy with your products and service, they will keep coming back. They may try others for a while, but they will keep coming back.

There are five spread variants, with Truffle Butter, Camem-beer, TnT (Taba ng Talangka) Cheese, and Kesovore adding to the mix. When developing the flavors, Karla says that she likes to play around in the kitchen until she hacks what she imagines something should taste like. Each spread has a distinct taste profile; and while it’s tempting to use it on rotation on all the toasts, crackers, and chips that you have, we suggest adding it to different savory dishes, too. It works well in omelettes, pasta, burgers, steak, and practically anything that needs butter or cheese. Heck, you can make an entire menu with them as an ingredient. (Cheese party!)

Aside from its cheese boards and bottled spreads, La Petite Fromagerie also offers cheese subscription boxes. It’s a sort of cheese club, which started as a way for Karla to share her interest to learn about cheeses from around the world. You can get it as a one-time thing or go for a three-, six-, or twelve-month plan. Each box includes three different kinds of cheese, crostinis, and grapes. If you get a full box, it also comes with a bottle of wine. Is that enough to convince you to throw that cheese party yet?

LA Petite Fromagerie

A cheese catering service that also sells signature cheese spreads.

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