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Get Your Fill of Australian Comfort Food in Nuvali

October 14, 2015

Being married to an Australian living in a Filipino’s body has its perks, especially when it comes to choosing where to eat. Though he has his moments where bland food is king, he tends to get it right most of the time. This is especially true when it comes to comfort food. And that’s exactly what Harry’s Café de Wheels in Nuvali is.


In Australia, Harry’s come in the form of food trucks and one of their most famous locations is right next to a pier where people of all shapes and sizes line up to get their fix for the day. In Nuvali, we were lucky enough to have the restaurant all to ourselves. Instead of a food truck, we were faced with a counter that was made to look like the façade of a food truck. The thing that immediately caught my attention was the cook making the meat pies from scratch. It was obvious that we would have none of the processed crap and that immediately made it a YES for me.


We ordered, with my husband giddy with excitement, and started with the classics –Tiger Pie and Hot Dog de Wheels. The Tiger Pie is like a meat pie on steroids. We chose the classic beef pie as the base and it was topped off with mashed potatoes, mushy peas, and Harry’s special gravy. It looked like a cheesecake when it was served but once I tried it, I knew why people lined up for it. It was a comfort food party in my mouth and my taste buds were not keen on sharing.


Hot Dog de Wheels (PHP 290) | Original Poutine (PHP 125)

After wolfing down half of the Tiger Pie, I wasn’t as excited with the Hot Dog de Wheels. After all, it was just a hot dog. I was ready to dismiss it but it arrived on our table decked with all sorts of toppings. The hotdog wasn’t a premium sausage but the toppings of mushy peas, chili con carne, cheese, and sriracha made up for it. It was an explosion of flavors and it wasn’t the kind that satiates you after two bites. I found myself finishing the whole thing without needing any help. That’s how good it was.


Kingscross Pie (PHP128) | Tiger Pie (PHP 220)

We topped off our meal with the original poutine, a plain kingscross pie, and half a litre of Paulaner to wash it all down. All in all, it was a satisfying meal that was simple yet filling. Definitely worth the drive down SLEX.

Have you tried Harry’s Café de Wheels in either Australia or their new branch at Nuvali? How was your experience? Sound off in the comments section below!

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

Address: Solenad 3, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna

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4 responses to “Get Your Fill of Australian Comfort Food in Nuvali”

  1. Volts Sanchez says:

    I’m from the South, but this place is WAY South. Hope they come up with another branch (or hope I head to Tagaytay soon). That Hot Dog de Wheels sure is pricey for a non-gourmet sausage, though…

    • Victoria says:

      Hey, I made the trek to Nuvali recently (I’m from the South too), and it literally took 20 minutes on a Sunday morning, although a car and toll fees are required. I wanted to go to Harry’s but it looked like they were still training the staff.

  2. DEEZQUS says:

    Peas and Mash! 🙂 Is it just me or the filling in those meat pies are not that “filling”?

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