Happy Pill Desserts Makes Celebration Cakes out of Giant Cookies

Jen Dacudao began her baking journey in 2013. The cupcake craze was at a high, so she veered away from the trend by making cheesecake bombs and truffles. She worked at a gym then, and (ironically) her sweet-tooth boss let her sell her goods there. She realized she had a real potential in baking, so she took a certificate course and started working on Happy Pill Desserts.

The brand didn’t fly immediately because life happened—I got married,  had a baby, and resigned from work. But this new mother’s gotta do what [she still dreams of doing]. It was a constant back and forth in the kitchen. But I got through it with pure hustle and smart scheduling.

Usual cookie flavor combos include Classic Chocolate Chip, S’mores, and Dark Chocolate Reese’s.

From the start, Happy Pill Desserts’ signature products were its hefty cookies, inspired by the cookies from Levain Bakery in New York City. The idea of the cookie cakes, however, were only borne out of a last-minute need for Jen to make a cake for her husband’s 30th birthday. She had nothing but cookie dough at the time; so she baked a bunch of of them, stacked them up, then (since drip cakes were a thing then) drizzled syrup on top. It was “compact, festive, and delish,” making it an instant hit.

The cookies are gigantic. But it’s so sinfully good, with it’s sugary aftertaste, chewy dough, and gooey chocolate bits, that finishing a piece in one go is bound to happen—we’re speaking from experience. Make sure to microwave it at 20-30 seconds on high (if you’re taking it out of the fridge) to get it at its peak form.

Happy Pill Desserts

A home-baker that makes celebration cakes, specializing in hefty cookie cakes.

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