Happy Creamery Churns Out Both Classic and Creative Flavors of Custard-Based Ice Cream

Cooking enthusiast Poy Rosales sought to expand his repertoire and purchased his own ice cream machine in 2013, initially trying out recipes that came with the machine but soon experimenting with his own combinations and flavors. “It became a Family Sunday lunch ritual for me to make a new flavor of ice cream and have the family taste it,” he shares. At the request of one of his sisters-in-law for an ice cream social-themed baptismal party, Rosales built his own ice cream cart, offering eight flavors that successfully captured the party guests’ tastebuds. A year later he was asked to join the Gourmand Market bazaar, and obliged, and thus officially launching his line of artisanal frozen desserts under the name, Happy Creamery.

“I always use fresh and natural ingredients,” shares Rosales. “I also look for the best ingredients; I do not skimp in any way. You are assured that in every container of Happy Creamery, you get the best ingredients that make each spoonful be as flavorful as possible.” | R: One of our team favorites, the Coffee Almond Praline features a creamy-but-robust Jamaican coffee base and generous chunks of a house-made almond praline mixed in for a good crunch.

Employing a custard base (e.g., using eggs) for thick and smooth results, Happy Creamery churns out a wide variety of flavors that range from your basic Pistachio or Coffee, to more contemporary variants like Thai Milk Tea with Sago and unique combinations like Strawberry Manchego. Rosales does not limit his creativity, but goes for flavors that are “different” and that ultimately “taste good”, using fresh, quality ingredients for top-grade results. Aside from the aforementioned savory-sweet Strawberry Manchego, other standouts include the Coffee Almond Praline (a robust-tasting number that’s generous on the crunchy praline chunks) and the Goat’s Cheese with Pili (a savory-sweet scoop that pairs Dutch goat cheese with local pili nuts).

L: The Strawberry Manchego pairs a nutty Manchego cheese base with a tart sauce of cooked-down fresh strawberries. | R: Another savory-sweet number is the Goat’s Cheese with Pili, made with goat’s cheese from Holland and ultra-buttery pili nuts.

To this day, Happy Creamery is a family-owned and operated venture, currently focused on doing catering and taking private orders. But Rosales shares his plans of expansion, aiming to put up their own outlets soon and reaching more areas around the country—thus spreading the happiness to more ice cream lovers, one pint at a time.

L-R: We love the party of textures you get with the S’Mores-Mallows, made up of a white chocolate base and chunks of marshmallows, graham crackers, and Belgian dark chocolate. | Their Pistachio comes generous with chopped bits of its namesake nut—you’re bound to get a few in each spoonful. | Highlighting Hokkaido milk from Japan, the Hokkaido Cream delights in its mellowness and its barely-there sweetness.

Happy Creamery

Artisanal ice cream in creative, out-of-the-box flavors.

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