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Hansel, SkyFlakes, and More: We Try 5 Brands of Butter Sandwiches

November 1, 2019

Butter sandwiches are the OG recess baon. The snack is made up of two (or three) soda crackers smeared with butter cream filling. It’s a classic—not too boring, not too crazy, leaving it in neutral flavor territory.  Up to this day, we find ourselves grabbing a pack at the supermarket, just for the hell of it. But as grown-ups with more seasoned palates, we had to ask: which local brand is actually the best?

Columbia’s So Lucky

Columbia’s “butter cream filled soda crackers” come in a 10 +1 pack; priced at the lower end of the spectrum. The crackers are thin, and has a great snap. The filling tastes like real butter, with the added sweetness you’d want from a cracker filling. It also has a nice grainy texture from discernible sugar granules scattered on the cream. However, the cracker-to-filling ratio is disappointing. Some parts don’t even have butter cream at all.

Jack ‘N Jill Magic Creams

Jack ‘N Jill’s butter-flavored Magic Creams had a floral aroma and flavor that a member of the team claimed “made it feel premium.” It was admittedly delicious, but ultimately didn’t taste like butter. Its cream had the best texture of the lot, though; and there was a substantial amount in relation to the crackers.

M.Y. San SkyFlakes

M.Y. San’s “Sweet MantikilyaSkyFlakes come in a sugary-salty cracker. As advertised, its butter flavor leans towards the sweeter side, but it’s one we wouldn’t mind eating non-stop. The cream has an icing-like consistency that’s spread generously throughout the whole sandwich.

Rebisco Butter

Many of us in the team grew up eating Rebisco’s butter (and strawberry, chocolate, and cream) sandwiches. So we expected a lot from it coming into the taste test. Unfortunately, it crushed our younger selves with its bland cracker and oily filling. We can’t really explain how it tastes, because as soon as you lick the cream, it immediately coats your mouth with fat. “It’s like you made me lick an oil popsicle,” a member of the team commented.

Hansel Butter Sandwich

Hansel’s (also by Rebisco) butter sandwich had the most filling. But that’s just an advantage from having a smaller, round cracker as a canvass. The cracker was crumbly and very sweet. And the cream tasted very artificial. Yet, we couldn’t help but keep popping them into our mouths.

The Verdict: M.Y. San SkyFlakes

M.Y. San’s balanced sweet-salty flavor balance and proportional cracker-to-filling ratio makes it the brand we’ll stock our kids’ snack boxes in the future. We can reward them with a few Hansel butter sandwiches once in a while, too. But only if they’ve earned something sweeter. (For those wondering, we’d give them Rebisco Butter Sandwiches if they’re naughty.)

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