GRID’s Miguel Nacianceno and Sonny Thakur Share Their Favorite Food Snaps of 2014

Five issues in, GRID is easily one of the best looking Philippine magazines out there, with a slick layout and beautiful photos. Pegged as a magazine for and by travellers, it is probably the photography which makes it such a pleasure to read, with names such as Miguel Nacianceno and Sonny Thakur behind the lens. We asked these documentarists to share with us their favorite food and travel snapshots of the past year, which makes for undeniable eye candy.

Miguel Nacianceno, Managing Partner

My first assignment for Grid was a story set in Baler. As it happened, I had been there just a week before and enjoyed the food at the Hungry Surfer at Bay’s Inn. This was almost a year ago, and their kitchen would get overwhelmed with many diners, but the crispy pata and kilawin was worth the wait.
Grid was working on an issue about cities and urban life. We got sent to different cities, and I drew Cebu. It’s easy to miss Tatang’s because their branch on A.S Fortuna is basically a shed on an empty lot where tricycles park. But getting a taste of the boneless lechon at Tatang’s made me question how I’ve been eating lechon all my life. They’ve opened a branch in Cebu’s IT Park and I know they’re opening a branch in Manila, too.
I do a lot of food assignments for commercial and editorial clients. I like taking behind-the-scene snapshots and posting them on Instagram.
As a photographer, I’m curious about others’ processes and I don’t mind sharing my own.
I enjoy my work and even on my days off, I do like eating and I do like taking random snapshots. I can own up to being that annoying person who tells everyone at the table to stand by, while I whip out my smartphone to take pictures of the food.

More about Miguel:


Aside from being a Managing Partner at GRID Magazine, Miguel is also a commercial and editorial photographer, and shoots mainly lifestyle, food, and interiors photography. On his days off, he likes riding his bicycle or watching movies in the afternoon with senior citizens. You can see more of his work on www.mignac.com and random snapshots on his Instagram.

Sonny Thakur, Co-Founder/Photo Editor/Raja

Paul Syjuco prepared a bowl of warm rice with shiso leaves, toasted sesame seeds, and sea salt. I never thought something so simple could taste so good. It tasted even better when we added crispy pork to the mix.
Bangaw, my cowboy roommate at the rodeo tearing through a lechon with his hands. Do I have to describe how lechon and San Miguel beer taste like? It was simple, and very tasty.
Mona Lisa Neuboeck is a raw food chef. Here, she prepares a red vegetable curry for us with jicama rice. I am a carnivore, but asked for a second plate of this dish. Well balanced and very delicious.
Spider Conch caught off Daku Island in Siargao. They tasted rubbery and smokey. Not a favorite.
Butcher sharpening his knives before cutting through pork at the Siargao island pier. I did not buy from him.

More about Sonny:


Thakur (b.1986) graduated BS in Mechanical Engineering at the De La Salle University in 2009. He has been working as a freelance editorial photographer and part time assistant since. In 2010, his on-going project, Family Ties, was featured at the 2nd Singapore International Photography Festival. In 2011, Family Ties was shown at the Goethe Institut Max Mueller Bhavan, and at the India Habitat Center at the Delhi Photo Festival, New Delhi, India. Most recently, his still on-going project revolving around his family was on exhibit at the Gonzo Unit in Nottingham as part of the first World Events Young Artist Festival (WEYA) hosted by the cultural olympiad. In 2014 he co-founded GRID Magazine, a “not about travel” travel magazine with some friends. He acts as photo editor and where do we have lunch today consultant. He is not used to speaking in the 3rd person. You can follow him Instagram for more photos.

For more information on GRID Magazine, check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram for more details. Have you read GRID Magazine yet? What are your favorite food photos of 2014? Let us know below!

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  1. not sure if this is a legitimate enough question to ask, but… does anyone else have trouble keeping away from snacking on the scraps and stuff while doing food-related photoshoots? :/ i hardly get to enjoy the things I make anymore because it just feels like food coma afterwards (despite the shots being all nice and pretty). it gets especially bad when I shoot photos of my baked goods………

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