Grantaña is a Local Craft Beer Brand That Serves as an Ode of Young Cousins to their Great-Grandfather

May 18, 2019

Grantaña is a play on the words “The Grand Old Man of Philippine Politics, and his name is Lorenzo M. Tañada.” It’s a tribute to the senator of 24 years, who’s known to many for his service to the country in the name of nationalism. But for the minds behind the brand, he’s simply their great-grandfather, whose life story they heard (and held as a golden standard) growing up.

We decided to use the beer as a storytelling tool—a way for people to start (…) remembering who he was and the kind of leader we need today. It was a different approach, but one we hoped could stir up conversation and [still be] fun while paying him tribute. It’s like a celebratory toast!

Each bottle comes with a piece of trivia about Lorenzo M. Tañada’s life.

There are two variants, both made by local brewer Joe’s Brew. The red variant is a medium-bodied beer with a strong caramel malt flavor; while the blue variant is less bitter, with distinct fruity notes.

The young cousins hope that by sharing their great-grandfather’s story, they “inspire people of the kind of Filipino we can all be, in big ways and in small—to make our country a better place.” All proceeds go to The San Lorenzo Academy, the school Lorenzo M. Tañada built in Pio Duray, Albay.


A craft beer brand made in tribute to Lorenzo M. Tañada.

Contact: (0905) 358-5909
spend: PHP250

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