Gordon Ramsey Now Has Something in Common with Kim Kardashian, Korea Finally Gets a Michelin Guide, and More on Food This Week

March 11, 2016

—Gordon Ramsey is entering the mobile game industry and is starting his own chef-themed game. Of course, the game wouldn’t be complete without Ramsey signature temperament and, of course, the F word. The industry is currently worth $25 billion which is why celebrities are slowly being enticed to enter the gaming world. Kim Kardashian recently stated that she made $80 million from her video game in Twitter and reports say that Ramsey’s game will be somewhat similar to Kim’s.

Aggre Korean

—Michelin will publish their famous restaurant and hotel guide for Seoul this year. This is their 27th edition globally and, surprisingly, only the fourth in Asia (previously, only Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong had guides). With the growth of Korean food globally, this was inevitable for Michelin. Now we’re wondering if Kim Jong Un will try three-starred restaurants in South Korea.

—Allset is a new app that lets you coordinate with restaurants, letting you reserve, order, and pay all in one go. The main aim of the app is to give office workers the ability to eat a decent lunch during their breaks. You can set your the time and size of reservation and the restaurant will set the meal five minutes before you arrive. And payments (including tips) are already handled prior so diners can simply walk out after their lunch. We wonder how they’ll sort that one out during lunch rush.

Aggre IHOP

—An IHOP waiter has been giving free drinks to his customers over a span of six months. All in all, he gave around $3000 worth of drinks and IHOP isn’t too happy about it. He’s currently facing three charges—grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, and petit larceny—but he doesn’t seem to care and even considers himself a “modern day Robin Hood.”

—A new kitchen appliance is set to replace most of your kitchen gadgets. The Tovala is an all-in-one broiler, steamer, oven, microwave, and toaster. On top of that, it’s also a connected device, which mean you use your mobile device to cook. Reviews of the demo look promising and the product has already achieved it’s projected goal in Kickstarter. Will this change the way our kitchen look in the future?

Aggre Corona

—Corona issued a recall on certain products after finding shards of glass in their bottles. Quality assurance inspections found the dangerous contaminant (aside from the alcohol) in 12-pack and 18-pack bottles headed for the U.S. and Guam. The beer brand did not mention the number of bottles affected although states that the amount is at a “minimum.”

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