Everyone’s Favorite Siomai by Golden Chopsticks is Now at Christ the King Parking Lot

January 6, 2020

There’s nothing quite like grabbing breakfast, a quick morning snack, or the rest of the day’s meals at your local Sunday market. The familiarity of the market’s products, ingredients, and vendors promises not just quality and consistency, but also a personal touch to the food you are having. Residents of the Green Meadows area usually get their food fix at the Christ the King parking lot’s Sunday market. If you frequent this Sunday market, you’re probably familiar with the vendor “na nag-titinda ng siomai, yung taga-Acropolis” (the one who sells siomai from Acropolis).” During its first few years, this siomai stall had no official title, but was easily known and associated with the name and face of its founder and owner, Lolly Co. But in the last two years or so, the siomai everyone bought over at Acropolis now has a home base under the name Golden Chopsticks.

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“We only opened here back in 2013,” Lolly shares as she makes a visit to her Green Meadows branch. “Before that, we were just selling sa mga tiangge tiangge,” she continues. Like many market businesses, Golden Chopsticks began and continues to be a home-based business. Lolly’s daughter Krystle recounts how her mother began selling siomai in the first place: “It really started as a homemade product, even before we started selling in the tiangge. She’d let her friends taste the siomai until the business eventually expanded and became a household name in the community. Her friends would buy the products by volume and then sell the siomai over at ICA, Xavier, and other schools.” Once the business made its mark as the go-to place for siomai, its absence was instantly felt when Lolly stopped selling for a while at the Sunday market. “I did this for fun before,” Lolly shares. “When I stopped and my customers saw me in the grocery, they’d always ask why I don’t sell again. Back then, I only sold when I wanted to.”

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Golden Chopsticks’ siomai sets itself apart from the quick snacks served in commercial stalls because each siomai piece is larger than what you’re used to: there are no extenders or preservatives used in the mix. Unlike other siomai brands, we were stuffed after eating four pieces, yet the intense flavors of the shrimp and pork kept us coming back for more. There’s no extra guilt either if you have 10 or more pieces, as each siomai only contains less than 10% fat. Krystle assures that every batch is up to their standards. Her mother makes sure to try each batch before they’re sold; anything that falls below their expectations isn’t brought to the store. Apart from Golden Chopsticks’ signature siomai, regulars and newcomers can also enjoy their wanton orders, Chicken Feet and Steamed Spareribs. Both dishes are generous in servings and only use the meatiest parts for a full and filling meal.

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Since 2013, Golden Chopsticks has been operating and serving its siomai and wanton to the Green Meadows, White Plains, and Acropolis crowd. It was only then that they opened thanks to an offered space beside the church and Krystle’s graduation giving her time to help in the family business. The business’ regulars continue to flock over there to get their siomai fix, whether as takeout for lunch or dinner and also in bulk orders for mothers to prepare as “baon” for their children. Golden Chopsticks also has a branch over at UST, where they serve milk tea and cooked siomai orders. Unlike its other milk tea neighbors, the UST branch only uses quality tea leaves that are imported from Taiwan. Their best sellers include the Basil Drink, Wintermelon Milk Tea, and the Plain Milk Tea. The Basil Drink is a hit in both branches, offering a refreshing, sweet, and lighter alternative to your usual milk tea. But those who are after the superior taste of tea will definitely enjoy the quality leaves used in Golden Chopsticks’ drinks.

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Golden Chopsticks sells 20 pieces of their Special Wanton (shrimp) for PHP 280, the Regular Wanton (shrimp and pork) for PHP 220, and the All Pork Wanton at PHP 180. We suggest bringing home a bulk order after your snack here, as you’ll probably be steaming the rest and having them to eat throughout the week.

Have you tried Golden Chopsticks’ siomai? Were or are you a regular customer who buys their siomai? Let us know in the comments section below!

Golden Chopsticks

Address: Christ The King Church, Green Meadows Parking Lot, Green Meadows Ave., Quezon City

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  1. Adrian De Leon says:

    Whoa, it’s kind of surreal to see them featured here! We’ve been diehard customers of them for years now. Nice to see them get the exposure they deserve. 🙂

  2. USTMedFreshie says:

    Best siomai in UST!

  3. arkigrad says:

    laging eto lang ang pinupuntahan namin sa carpark since malay ang building namin doon!

  4. Hi says:

    Are they open everyday? What time?

  5. Xav Co Escota says:

    Been here before with my friends from USTe and BEDA 🙂

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