Want Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pichi-Pichi? Head to Visayas Avenue

October 12, 2015

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Traffic is getting worse by the second, and that’s why I don’t venture out to Quezon City as much as I used to. What used to be an hour travel from Parañaque can now turn into a half day wasted in EDSA traffic. However, for pichi-pichi, I was willing to make an exception, and boy was it worth it!


After circling Visayas Avenue twice, I finally found Dedet’s Peachy-Peachy, Cakes & Pastries. It was no wonder I couldn’t find it the first two times, it was not a restaurant or a shop like I expected. It was just a house. A house with tarpaulins hung on the gate and angry-dog barks coming from the inside. I was unsure if I was in the right place,and would have left had it not been for the traffic I endured getting there.


I knocked on the door and ordered. Ten minutes later, the girl comes out handing me a styrofoam full of pichi-pichi to-go. There was no eating in this place so I went back to the car and decided that I’d eat the pichi-pichi inside with my hands.


I open the Styrofoam container and faced pichi-pichi that was generously topped with cheese. I squealed with excitement and grabbed a big chunk. I popped them into my mouth, and seconds later, they literally melt in my mouth. I’ve tried other pichi-pichis but this one is the best one I’ve had in a long time. It was so good that I almost didn’t notice the 3-hour drive back to Parañaque.


Where’s the best pichi-pichi you’ve tried? Tell us with a comment below!

Dedet’s Peachy-Peachy, Cakes & Pastries

Address: 11 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City
Number: 09154611777

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12 responses to “Want Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pichi-Pichi? Head to Visayas Avenue”

  1. Volts Sanchez says:

    How does it match against Amber’s?

  2. Victoria says:

    Ten minutes? Does that mean they cook it upon ordering?

  3. DEEZQUS says:

    My friends and I call it the cheesy cassava cloud, it is really worth the drive. 🙂

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