Ghetto Grub: Mang Raul’s BBQ

April 18, 2019

Since the very beginning of Ghetto Grub, we’ve always encouraged you guys to sound off on where the best eats in the crappiest places are for you. Your suggestions are really appreciated and I’d like you guys to know that we’re doing our best to try them all out. Just keep sharing your favorite ghetto grub spots, and let’s help the entire Pepper community discover more food-borne diseases great finds at cheap prices.

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I finally went to Las Piñas to try the one suggestion that regularly pops up in the comments, Mang Raul’s BBQ.

I’m happy to say that I finally went to Las Piñas to try the one suggestion that regularly pops up in the comments. Yes, we’re featuring Mang Raul’s, and I must say that while I’m no stranger to barbecue joints, I had to see this one for myself to believe it.

Mang Raul has got quite the setup, with an indoor dining area as well as several tables where you can dine al fresco. If you don’t mind smelling like ulam, I’d recommend that you eat outside as it lets you enjoy the barbecue aroma coming from the grill (probably harmful, but the fumes smell insanely good) to make yourself even hungrier while you wait for your order.


 A lot of the customers came by car and were dressed like they’d be more at home at a Starbucks.

This barbecue joint is as ghetto as they come, coming off like a dingier version of UP Diliman’s Beach House. From the looks of it, however, the customers don’t seem to mind at all. It was well into in the evening when I got to Mang Raul’s, and the place was still packed. It got even more cramped as the hours went by. What was strange, though, wasn’t the number of people there. The weirdest thing was that a lot of the customers came by car and were dressed like they’d be more at home at a Starbucks.

Judging from the young and hip customers that made up the crowd, Mang Raul’s BBQ seems like trendy place to be. I realized two things that night. First, that Las Piñas has a significant number of conyo kids (which wasn’t really a surprise), and second, Mang Raul has good enough meat-on-sticks to keep all these guys coming back for more.


Mang Raul grills the usual array of choices you’d expect. They offer pork barbecue, a mix of pork and chicken offal, and they even have bright red hotdogs to boot. You queue up and place your choices in a tray they give you. Your orders then go straight into the vat of his special sauce for dunking, and then placed on the grill to cook.


I recommend you get the Tamis-anghang Dip.

There are four choices of dip you can try to go with your barbecue, each one a different level of heat and sweetness. I recommend you get the Tamis-anghang Dip (sweet & spicy) and just add more spicy vinegar to increase the heat. This sauce is so good that I wish I had ordered rice just to mop it all up. I was contemplating drinking the leftover fluid from my tray, but the looks of disdain I’d inevitably invite from the crowd stilled my hand. It would be way too embarrassing and it would keep me from ever stepping foot in Mang Raul’s ever again, which would be bad.

Mang Raul is also a testament to how hard work, and a good product can pay off. According to one of the other proprietors in the area, Mang Raul began as a small food stand in the seventies, before growing to become the landmark that it is today. One bite of his barbecue or isaw, drenched in sauce, though, makes it easy to understand how he did it.

The Verdict 


The sticks are always hot-off-the-grill, and I like that it’s got that balance of juiciness and the char-grilled skewers. However, it’s the sauce that will keep you coming back for more. If you’re in the area, make it a point to visit this barbecue joint at least once.


Mang Raul’s Barbecue
BF Almanza,
Las Piñas City

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12 responses to “Ghetto Grub: Mang Raul’s BBQ”

  1. Irene says:

    Finally! A feature on Mang Raul’s! I love this place. Practically the only isawan (aside from UPD’s Mang Larry’s) I’d make a beeline for here in the Metro. Thanks, Nico!

  2. sue_chef says:

    Ihawan ni Kuya Speed naman.

  3. Addi dela Cruz says:


  4. CARMES ✯ says:

    Yes!! And FYI, their chicken isaw are well-cleansed. I never eat at other BBQ joints cuz I hate the crap (literal) inside the intestines… Gross. Way to go, Mang Raul! 🙂

  5. Joyce Romero says:

    You guys finally featured it! I truly love Mang Raul’s ahahaha 😉

  6. Martin Cruz says:

    Tara Nico, Erra’s Ramen naman tayo. Or Hapon Suzuki.

  7. Volts Sanchez says:

    That’s the one! Landmarks, please!

  8. BF Foodie says:

    I’ve missed this kind of posts !! akala ko nawala na yung mga contributors after the website upgrade! :P~ YEY!

  9. kidmd13 says:

    Mang Raul started as a small barbecue stall in front of his employer’s house. He was open during the weekends… after 3 pm! The home is in one of the smaller side streets of BF Homes. The customers kept coming back and the long line as well as parked cars would block the 2-lane street. He then expanded to the stall where he is now. You forgot to mention that he does take phone orders… well, from regular customers. We would order ahead of time and pick up the barbecue and isaw and if you tell him you need it by 4 pm… it is ready and wrapped in foil at 4 pm… with whatever sauce you prefer also wrapped up!
    Here’s his facebook page…

    If there’s a list of “must go to” eating places in Las Pinas… this is one of them!

  10. Sam says:

    hi! where is it exactly in almanza? 🙂

  11. iceconyelo says:

    Just tried this last night and it tasted good but Julie’s BBQ in BF Resort Las Pinas tastes better. 🙂

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