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June 6, 2019

Unless you leave the meat in too long, fried chicken rarely goes wrong. Eating fried chicken is almost like a performance: the crack of the crispy skin against your lips, the juicy and tasty white and dark meat, and the immediate satisfaction after licking off the last bits on your fingers. But after frequent visits to Jollibee, KFC, and Mcdonalds, there is a tendency for the performance to get old. There are some hidden places, however, that manage to renew and reestablish the comfort of crispy fried chicken. Chicken Chicken, a humble eatery near the College of St. Benilde’s Angelo King Center, assures this kind of experience.

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For individuals who don’t frequent or study in the area, the restaurant is a bit hard to find. Keep walking past the Angelo King Center until you hit the first alley-like street. Chicken Chicken’s outside facade doesn’t have a sign, but the significant number of groups seated inside indicate that you may have arrived. Peek inside and a short line at the register, a large sign of the restaurant’s name, and several tables lined up in three rows confirm you’re in the right place.

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The eatery follows a small but strategic layout: upon entering, you immediately see the sign and where to buy your order. Although there is no displayed menu from afar, first timers won’t have any problem once they’re at the counter. Behind the register is a small view of the narrow kitchen. I didn’t get to see much due to the line, and the fast pace expected in taking the order, but at least this showed they weren’t trying to cover up the source of their deep fried magic. After settling the bill, you’ll end up passing by the table filled with condiments and forks and spoons. The condiments include the classic ketchup option, soy sauce, vinegar, and calamansi for those ordering other items on the menu.

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At a ridiculously low price of PHP 90 (a price that was considered cheap for a college student of five years ago), Chicken Chicken serves four large deep fried chicken breasts and rice. Chicken Chicken’s other alternatives include the sisig or liempo meals at PHP 94, and a porkchop at PHP 87. However, like any other restaurant that uses its star dish as its name, the best bet for anyone is the PHP 90 chicken meal.

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The lunch crowd at the time consisted of college students and several office workers from the area. I overheard one of the ladies asking for the chicken to be served in a separate place since they’d all share the ordered meals. I assumed I could hack the individual meal; but after the five or ten minute wait, I was proven wrong by the four large slabs of chicken breast.

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Don’t let the photo fool you; these pieces achieved all the traits found in the ideal fried chicken: a large size, deep fried crispy chicken skin, and a thickness that doesn’t even approach the cheap meal price. Most commercial establishments would only give you PHP 90 for the two thin slabs.

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I suggest coming here on a nearly empty stomach. Although the crispy chicken made my day, I ended up taking two pieces home. You might also want to order extra rice or a large drink to refresh your palate in between bites. Although the chicken was delicious, the quantity tends to make the taste repetitive after chomping down on two pieces. Although the third and fourth pieces were begging to be finished, my stomach insisted it couldn’t enjoy the rest as much as my mouth did.

According to the large tarpaulin hanging above the counter, Chicken Chicken is up for franchise. We hope that whoever is willing to make the investment shares the bounty to more individuals around Metro Manila. Should they expand, may the price still be light on the pockets but heavy on the stomach.


  • Clean facilities
  • Complete condiment section
  • Cheap prices that don’t compromise taste
  • Quantity and quality
  • Clean facilities


  • Fried chicken skin is a bit too salty
  • Location is out of reach

Rating: 8/10

Gela Velasco Gela Velasco

Gela is a young adult slowly settling into her late twenties. She likes to make a mess in the kitchen when no one’s looking, dance till dawn on long weekends, and dream about beef on lazy afternoons. On some days she learns how to write good in graduate school. Her life goals include sashaying somewhat like Beyonce and to write a cover story on Leonardo di Caprio.

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18 responses to “Ghetto Grub: Chicken Chicken”

  1. red meat lover says:

    Oh. Chicken breast. :

  2. I think the chicken is just perfectly seasoned, and I am a big fan of their sticky sweet soy sauce that I mix with calamansi, which rounds up the flavor and the crunchiness of the chicken chop. I have been a big fan of Chicken Chicken since my Freshman year in CSB. The lady at the counter can get a little sungit sometimes, and the store can get pretty balmy, but I won’t mind smelling like the food after I eat there because it’s damn good. I suggested this to Ghetto Grub a long time ago! Glad Pepper finally featured it!

    • Pamela Cortez says:

      I have only ever eaten here once in all my time at CSB. I can never seem to remember where it is exactly, which sucks because I always, always remember how good that one time was.

      • LOL Just follow your nose to where the smell is coming from. No, actually, from AKIC just walk until you see the white accordion door and the wide window. They don’t have a sign, actually, but you will see it to your left. Right across it is a fitness gym. Workout daw pagkatapos ng pigout.

      • Once?! LOL After this I was so jealous nga of CSB students :))

      • gela velasco says:

        Just keep going till you hit the alley and those yellow doors! 🙂 You won’t miss the people enjoying deep fried chicken inside hehe!

  3. Manok Manok says:

    not from AKIC / LaSalle, but I make it a point to eat there whenever I’m in the area. Love the food there that I didn’t mind walking from Quirino Ave. to AKIC one time. My only concern now is that with franchising, most of the time, quality and/or quantity (if not both) gets thrown out of the window.

    • It seemed pretty far for me, and I’m a La Salle alumni lol. But it was so worth the walk 🙂 I agree with franchising, hopefully they’re able to maintain the same crispy standards!

    • gela velasco says:

      Yup! It’s also far for a La Salle alumni like me-slash-resident of the area, but it’s super worth the trouble. And yes, a prayer to the potential franchisers: keep the quality and quantity, please 🙂

  4. Jake says:

    it’s the only thing i remember in college haha

  5. Volts Sanchez says:

    I’m so glad that Chicken Chicken finally got featured. I’ve loved this place ever since I tried it maybe 13-odd years ago. They used to have not-too-shabby pizza as well, but I guess they killed it. The airconditioned area inside seems closed, too (or at least it was when I was there last).

    • gela velasco says:

      It was crazy hot inside when I had lunch and the airconditioned area is their office na ata. Nonetheless, worth the trip!

      • Volts Sanchez says:

        I went late afternoon and it was bearable. Still, that amazing brown sauce got me all hot ‘n sweaty. Good stuff!

  6. nilobee says:

    “Location is out of reach”

    And there you go.

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