Botsicake Offers Cheap, Sweet Pancakes to Scholasticans, Benildeans, and Lasallians

September 13, 2019

Botsicake, a food stall known to Thomasians, is now serving its chocolate-stuffed pancakes to Scholasticans, Benildeans, and Lasallians over at the Taft Avenue area. All your childhood dreams can now be fulfilled in early adulthood: Botsicake’s choices include Snickers (PHP 20), Kit Kat (PHP 15), Cadbury (PHP 15), choco mallows (PHP 13), Oreo (PHP 10), and Cheese (PHP 10). This stall is rarely without customers, as students, teachers, and residents alike can grab a quick sugar rush before starting their day or have any of these cakes as a post-lunch dessert or quick merienda.


The variety of choice spoils the chocolate lover but also satisfies the pickier customer. The Oreo Botsicake holds the best out of all of them, thanks to the cookie’s composition and size perfectly fitting between the two pancakes. If you want a soft bite that has a little crunch, then the Oreo botsicake is the best choice. The Kit Kat botsicake is recommended for those who prefer the pancake’s sweetness over chocolate and only want a hint of the filling’s flavor.


The Snickers combines everything anyone has dreamed of in a breakfast dessert: peanuts, chocolate, and pancake. The Cadbury was a personal favorite as it gave double the sweetness yet still somehow complemented the pancake buns.

The Choco Mallows was a wonderful mess to eat: the mallows added more tenderness to the warmth and soft texture of the pancake buns. If you want a more traditional botsicake, there is also the cheese option. All these orders are served warm and fresh, so you can even enjoy this with a cup of coffee. But they’re also just as good cold and stored for a few hours in the refrigerator.


The best thing about Botsicake? You can have any of your favorite chocolates at a price way lower than they actually cost at groceries or convenient stores, and that cost already includes the two tiny pancakes. Each botsicake is cooked in front of you as well, so the vendors aren’t hiding any secret cost-cutting ingredient either. What you see is what you eat.

Have you tried Botsicake? What is your favorite chocolate item? Sound off in the comments section below!

Leon Guinto St.
In front of BPI and across St. Scholastica’s College

Gela Velasco Gela Velasco

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10 responses to “Botsicake Offers Cheap, Sweet Pancakes to Scholasticans, Benildeans, and Lasallians”

  1. PB H. says:

    Aaaahh I love this! They have a 5-peso version of these Japanese cakes along Sto. Domingo Church 🙂

  2. Do they have ones with Kalteen bars?

    This is a really cool idea. Now, watch as other Filipinos mimic this business because they’re not innovative enough and ruin it for everyone.

  3. PUPian says:

    Our school canteen has been selling these cakes (with oreos too!) for two years now.

  4. NearDLSU says:

    Where is this?

  5. Volts Sanchez says:

    Hope this is open on the weekend.

  6. futurethomasiandoc says:

    There’s a botsicake stall along dapitan st. that sells Ferrero for Php 45!

  7. John says:

    Any idea of the recipe of japanese cake?

    Thanks in advance!

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