Get Manila’s First Ramen Burger at Wrong Ramen Starting This Friday

December 10, 2018

Disclaimers: The author is part of Wrong Ramen. The original idea for the ramen burger came from Keizo Shimamoto.

You know that feeling when you just had to stroke, squeeze, or manhandle your neighbor’s fat pug? That’s how we felt about the ramen burger.

It was inevitable. We had to do it. When you hear New York and the rest of the world harping about this monstrosity as “the next cronut,” we couldn’t just sit idly and do nothing.

From Instagram user haganblount in NYC.

From Instagram user haganblount in NYC.

How does it taste like? You’ll find out soon enough.


This ramen burger is a collaboration between Wrong Ramen and Umami Hambaagu House, so it will be available in both places on different dates for just three hours.

After all that, you’ll never see it again.

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26 responses to “Get Manila’s First Ramen Burger at Wrong Ramen Starting This Friday”

  1. Adrian De Leon says:

    Iba talaga honesty ng Wrong Ramen. Calling your own product as a “disgusting and overhyped piece of shit” is something only you can get away with (even though it’s exactly what some people think, me included).

  2. Koldzzz says:

    Ramen Burger…. naalala ko Lotteria nagbebenta niyan commerically sa Japan.. sana masarap HOHOOHOHO. Anyways kasing sabaw niyan isang tao dito sa doto ngayon 🙂

  3. eaFDESAD says:

    ching chong ding dong zip zip bok dok smok foc

  4. vm_yap says:

    Its not the first Ramen Burger in Manila! You can go to Go-En near ABS-CBN and eat one

  5. Miss Khee says:

    16th. I’ll be there! SUGOD!:))

  6. Roser says:

    Go-En Ramen on Sgt. Esguerra,QC has been serving ramen burger since they opened early this year. Check out this post

    • Paul D. says:

      It’s not technically a Ramen Burger because they use Chasyu ( Sliced Roast Pork) instead of Ground Meat, it’s more like a Ramen Pork Bun.

      • vm_yap says:

        Just an additional info, when you say burger it doesn’t mean its beef, it can be chicken, fish or pork.

        • hohoho says:

          Dude, it’s okay, we get it. You can’t tell the difference between a burger and the other sandwiches out there. That’s perfectly understandable, it’s an affliction that affects 1% of the world’s population. The meat between buns can be quite confusing after all.

          Here’s a handy reference:

          If you must persist in your line of thinking though, here’s the down low. People just can’t go around calling sandwiches as burgers if there isn’t a patty of ground meat in there. (I’m looking at you, you “veggie burger” lovers out there!) I mean, would you go calling a clubhouse sandwich a burger? Or an open-faced roast beef sandwich a burger? Or a tuna salad sandwich a burger? No man, that would cause anarchy in the streets and people would start burning burger machine stands everywhere. And we don’t want that. Do you want that?

          I didn’t think so.

          So just chill and enjoy that ramen chashu sandwich they have over there. It does look pretty tasty too. And maybe it does taste better than the one posted here.

          Just don’t go calling it a burger if it isn’t.

  7. Koldzzz says:

    Hala false advertising pala yang FIRST RAMEN BURGER…

  8. Shine Flores says:

    Will this be available for takeout? 🙂

  9. Margo says:

    The cutest take-out box ever!

  10. xands says:

    saan ang wrong ramen?

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