Here Are a Few Holiday Gift Ideas from Some of Metro Manila’s Home-based Bakers

November 23, 2019

We get boxes of cookies, cakes, and other sugar-loaded bombs delivered for us to share on our Instagram account. And we thought that hey, since the holidays are pretty close, it might be a good idea to round up some of the favorite treats we’ve received just in time for that season when one almost loses his (or her) nuts trying to figure out what present to give his or her hard-to-please in-laws, cranky boss, heartbroken best friend, etc. Below you will find what might just be the saving grace of your Christmas shopping woes—best thing about them? They’re edible and taste fantastic, too.

1. Banana Breads from Chi Chi Pastries

ChiChi Banana Bread

Sounds boring? Nuh-uh. We predict that Chi Chi’s fantastic banana breads will trump all memory of those “sooo-last-season” fruitcakes drenched in too much liquor and studded with an apologetic-looking army of jellies and candied fruits. Chi Chi’s banana breads come in three flavors: Dark Chocolate, Matcha, and Cream Cheese. Our favorite? All of them. They’re probably the best banana breads we’ve had in Metro Manila.

For orders you can send a text message to 0917-531-0210 or 0917-510-0010, or email them at chichi.pastries@gmail.com. Check out their Facebook and Instagram also for updates.

2. Puto Pao King


Breaking into these puto-siopao hybrids is a revelation. Get them warm and you will be greeted with a whiff of steam, fogging up your vision until you lay your eyes on the treasure they’ve been keeping from you. Our favorite is the simple yet delicious Cream Cheese Puto Pao, whose sharp yet sweet combination goes so perfectly with the fluffy bread. Other variants include the original Asado with Salted Egg, Cheese Queso, Creamy Custard, Blueberry with Cream Cheese, and Cheesy Ube. Writing this alone is making me hungry.

For orders you can send a text message to 0917-885-1797. Check out their Facebook and Instagram also for updates.

3. Mini Calamansi Tarts by Claudine’s Treats


Here’s a tart treat to cut through all the sugar. I have a certain fondness for citrusy, tangy sweets that make my lips pucker up in a good way. These Mini Calamansi Tarts from Claudine’s Treats are a winner. I couldn’t stop popping them in my mouth. A crumbly graham crust gives way to a thick, calamansi curd that’s got enough zing to tickle your palate, followed by a small pipe of sweet cream to mellow everything out. The calamansi rind is a refreshing afterthought. This is a winner if you like sour-sweet combinations.

For orders you can send a text message to 0917-563-3031. Check out Claudine’s Instagram also for updates.

4. The Bald Baker

Bald Baker

These indulgent cookies are loaded, and will definitely add to the digits on the weighing scale. But it’s Christmas, so that shouldn’t matter. The Bald Baker’s cookies come in the classic Chocollow, Salted Caramel, Black Sesame Matchallow, Bday Milkies (our fave of the the bunch), and White Chocolate Cranberry (our other favorite).

For orders you can send Cy a text message at 0917-511-6370 or email at baldbaker@yahoo.com. Check out The Bald Baker’s Facebook and Instagram also for updates.

5. Brouffles by Brownbaker Manila


Do I have to declare my love for these Brouffles all over again? I’m still experiencing brouffle withdrawals, with these beautiful Heaven-sent hybrids that have been haunting my dreams (and daydreams) only to wake up empty handed and hungry. Read more about the addicting Brouffles here.

For orders you can send Joseph a text message at 0905-356-8640 or email at brownbakerph@gmail.com. Check out Brownbaker Manila’s Facebook and Instagram also for updates.

6. Proledge Cake from Slices Cake

Slices Cake

If you want a chocolate cake that disintegrates slowly when bitten into, melting into a blissful melange of happiness and all kinds of fuzzy feelings, then Slices Cake’s Proledge Cake (left) is a must-have on your list. What we love about it is that despite its intimidating chocolatey facade, it isn’t as cloyingly sweet as it looks.

For orders you can send them a text message at 0906-529-4511 or visit them at the ground floor of the Landmark Supermarket in Trinoma. Check out their website and Instagram also for updates.

7. Assorted Jar Cakes from Ina Bakes

Ina Bakes

Ina bakes pretty cakes that come in these tiny jars, which makes perfect little gifts for your colleagues at work, or your friends. Forget that whole Kris Kringle kerfuffle; every one deserves a present on Christmas day, right? Definitely, especially if it’s something this delicious.

For orders you can send a text message to 0927-536-3346. Check out their website and Instagram also for updates.

Any other home-based bakers whose treats would make the perfect Christmas present (or personal midnight snack)? Sound off your recommendations in the comments section below!

Mikka Wee Mikka Wee

Mikka Wee is former editor of Pepper.ph and was part of the team until she got whisked away to Singapore in 2016 where she worked in advertising and eventually found herself back in the food industry. She currently does marketing work for two popular Singaporean dessert brands and is a weekly columnist for The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s lifestyle brand, Preen.ph. She has always been crazy about travel, food, and her dog Rocket.

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    Leche flan from Andi’s Kitchen! 🙂

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