We Didn’t Think Asia’s Best Restaurant Winner Gaggan Anand Would Answer Our Silly Questionnaire – but He Did

February 16, 2020

As my colleague Pamela and I were cooking up this questionnaire to send to Gaggan Anand, winner of this year’s San Pellegrino Asia’s Top 50, we knew we were risking something big here. “Do you think he’ll really answer it?” “I’m sure he’ll think we’re nuts!” were only a couple of doubt-filled questions we had. Because who, in their right minds, would send a silly questionnaire such as this to Asia’s number one chef?!

Image Credit: Eat at Gaggan

We did. And we were over the moon when we actually got the filled out form! Check it out below.

Gaggan Upload

Yup, we’re still pretty stoked about this one.

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