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For Ultimate Juicy Fried Chicken, Use This New Ingredient

September 27, 2019

Frying is such a universally beloved method of cooking. In most cultures and cuisines, there is always one staple dish that’s deep-fried, because it usually guarantees great results. Whether it’s nasi lemak from Malaysia, fish and chips from the UK, or our Filipino fried chicken or lechon kawali, people can’t get enough of the crunchiness that fried food brings. However, as with all things, the method isn’t always perfect. If done wrong, it can lead to dry meat instead of juiciness, and flavor can get lost in the oil. What if there was a foolproof way to avoid mistakes and achieve deliciousness every time?

This is where Knorr’s new SavorRich Meaty Liquid Seasoning comes in. While we’re used to cooking with cubes or powders to intensify flavor, this new seasoning made specifically for cooking comes in a liquid form. It’s an easy but luxurious way to marinade things instantly, thanks to how quickly the seasoning deeply penetrates the meat. All you need is two tablespoons to coat one and a half kilos of chicken, and you’ve got a juicy end product that solves all your frying problems. 

What SavorRich does is enhance the taste of the meat because of its concentrated chicken flavor. Marinating also ensures that juices are locked in, so that you’ll never get a dry dish after deep-frying with SavorRich. As if that wasn’t enough, the seasoning also gets you that intense golden brown color for your fried chicken every time. If you’re inspired to try this out for yourself, find the recipe here.

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