Have Your Food Served Straight Out of an L300 in Burgos

January 4, 2020

Whether you live in the swankiest side of the Central Business District, at the quietest side of a barangay, or amid the clamor of old Manila, every side of the Metro has its own neighborhood carinderia. Makati has its jollijeeps, Rockwell has a line of eateries in the “backwell” area. But Burgos serves food a little differently come nightfall—we’re talking about an L300 that parks along Polaris Street in Poblacion, Makati. This L300 serves food straight out of the vehicle, similar to the jollijeeps in Makati, but with customers lining up from the back door’s opening.


With the L300 parked in the evening, there’s barely any light to show what’s going on inside the vehicle. But take a closer peek and you’ll find a stove, what appeared to be two large pots that had the soup orders, a shelf that stacked plastic and paper bowls for take out orders, and other necessary equipment and ingredients required in a mobile food store. This L300 once again proved the resourcefulness of the Filipino with a kitchen that managed to fit inside an L300.

According to a family that lives just a few steps away from the L300’s parking spot, the L300 arrives at around 6:30 to 7 in the evening. We got there a few hours early, and returned just in time for the vehicle’s arrival. There were two customers waiting for their take out orders, while we decided on our orders for that evening. One of the staff handed me a box board that wrote out the evening’s available orders. Similar to carinderias and jollijeeps, the L300 served Filipino favorites such as Pritong Tilapya, Pritong Liempo, Spareribs Sinigang, Chicken & Liver Adobo with Pork Steak, and Pork Afritada.


For our visit, we ordered the Chicken & Liver Adobo and the Spareribs Sinigang. To complete our experience of the L300 eatery, we decided to eat some of the portions at the small table set behind the vehicle. During our visit, it was only us and another customer who opted to “dine in.” Quotation marks are necessary since we were literally dining out, along a busy street in Makati. Cars were passing through and going in and out of Kalayaan Avenue. The smog and exhaust mixed in with the soup and ulam. The lack of light didn’t help me get through my meal either. Given the L300’s setup, the food was clearly there as a take out option for its late night customers.


Nonetheless, the busy street side (or rather, on the street) setting was the only downside to my meal. Despite the questionable hygiene and uncertain origins of the food, the lady served each order wrapped in plastic. The plastic with the said order was also placed in a bowl also covered in plastic as well to assure some level of cleanliness. The Spareribs Sinigang was very tasty; and although the broth was salty rather than bitter, it still delivered the kind of comfort you expect from a carinderia’s level of home cooking. The Chicken and Liver Adobo didn’t disappoint either. Both the chicken and liver pieces were huge, and the oil was thick from boiling for a long time with the liver. The serving didn’t hold back either with its inclusion of one egg.


For two orders and one cup of rice, we just spent less than a PHP 100. Although we don’t recommend their orders to those not used to street food and carinderia fare, this L300’s orders are just like normal meals but much cheaper and include an interesting late night experience. Plus if you’re still hungry late at night and craving for Pinoy food over the usual Williamsburgos options, then this L300 is ready to serve you.

Have you tried any of the food from the L300 along Polaris Street? What do you think of their setup and food? Let us know in the comments section below.

The L300 parks along Polaris Street, Poblacion. If you’re walking along Felipe Street, just keep going straight, turn to Polaris Street, and look for the L300 where the cars are parked.

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