Man Throws Alligator at a Wendy’s, M&M’s Could Lose Their Colors, and More on Food This Week

February 12, 2016

—The Wendy’s slogan “Now That’s Better” was put to the test last October when a 23-year-old customer, Joshua James, threw an alligator through the restaurant’s drive-thru window. James appeared in court last Tuesday and has been charged with several offenses, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon but without intent to kill.  Only in Florida.

Food Waste

—Supermarkets in France are now required to give unsold and unwanted food to charities and food banks. The law was passed last February 3 and was voted on unanimously. Markets that fail to follow the regulation can face fines of up to €3750 (or roughly P200,000). Globally, one third of produced food gets lost or thrown away each year. That’s roughly equivalent to 1.3 billion tonnes.

—We’ve all seen the zombie McDonald’s Hamburger, the one that does not mold or decompose. Serious Eats Author J. Kenji Lopez-Alt puts the everlasting burger to the test and figures out that the burger only fails to rot because of its ability to lose moisture fast, thanks to its small size and large surface area. McDonald’s isn’t so bad after all.

—Or maybe not. McDonald’s Japan closed more than 150 stores after posting the worst annual results, a net loss of around $300 million. The company attributes this to food safety scandals and the chocolate covered fries isn’t helping at all.


—Mars, Incorporated, the maker of most of your beloved candies like M&M’s, Skittles, and Snickers announced plans to remove all artificial colors from all its products over the next five years. The company is currently working with its suppliers to identify natural coloring alternatives.

—Someone has beaten Dave Asprey, the creator of Bulletproof coffee (coffee with butter in it), to a canned version of his claim to fame. Grass Fed Coffee, after raising $86,000 in Kickstarter, is now releasing a cold-brewed butter coffee in a can.

—February 23 will see the rise of the Burger King hot dog. The King is attempting to return to its roots as a fast-food outlet, and veering away from the common trend of serving salads and other healthy options. Also, the company hired Snoop Dogg for the hot dog training video. Well played, your highness.

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