Food Hack Guide: Impress Your Date With These Restaurant Meals From Your Kitchen

August 21, 2018

Choosing where to eat can get mighty confusing. Should you go for a huge pizza, a fat, juicy slab of steak, or a dozen sticks of isaw (courtesy of your neighborhood carinderia)? And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably even more pressured to pick out a really special place. But if you were to ask me, I’d say stop stressing about where to eat, and look no further than your own kitchen.

Though making reservations at a fancy new bistro (rather than cooking something from scratch) may sound more appealing, having dinner at home on Valentine’s Day has its perks. And here are a few:

Make Love, Not (Parking) War

Eating in means you don’t have to bother with making last-minute reservations. It also spares you from the hassles of heavy traffic and limited parking spaces. This lessens the chances of you getting all stressed and hot-headed (and picking a fight with that double-parking jerk). Instead, you can take your time freshening up, and rest assured that the only war that will take place is over that last slice of cake.

Yes, I can Most Definitely Hear You

Restaurants tend to get crowded and noisy during V-Day, so it might take you a while to realize that your date is just mouthing, “Please pass the butter, babe.”  In the quiet privacy of your home, you will have no trouble understanding the words coming of your date’s mouth. Which makes it so much easier to exchange sweet nothings over a lovely glass of bubbly.

Cooking is an Act of Love

There are a lot of great restaurants out there, but nothing says, “I love you!” more than a home-cooked meal. Whip up your renowned specialty, or cook your date’s favorite dish. Complete the experience by busting out your mother’s heirloom candelabra, and playing the cheesiest music you’ve got on your mp3 player.

If you’re still having second thoughts, you’re probably still dreaming of your favorite restaurant’s dishes. But thank your lucky stars! We at have prepared a menu guide of our food hacks, which are perfect for a Valentine’s dinner that’ll surely make you and your date grateful about choosing to stay home.


On a Diet

Starter: Cyma’s Roka Salata
Main Dish: Cibo’s Penne al Telefono
Dessert: Real Coffee and Tea’s Calamansi Muffins
Beverage: Water (seriously?)


Starter: Yellow Cab’s Squash Soup
Main Dish: Bugsy’s Buffalo Chicken Tenders with Kimpura’s Teppanyaki Fried Rice OR Chili’s Mashed Potato with White Gravy OR both!
Dessert: Flaming Wings’s Wicked Oreos
Beverage: Bon Chon’s Orange Iced Tea


Starter: Cyma’s Roka Salata and Yellow Cab’s Squash Soup
Main Dish: Pepper Lunch’s Beef Pepper Rice OR Recipes’s General’s Chicken
Main Dish 2: Pancake House’s Spaghetti
Dessert: Real Coffee and Tea’s Calamansi Muffins AND Flaming Wings’s Wicked Oreos
Beverage: Happy Lemon’s Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese

Steph Dy Steph Dy

Steph Dy is a print designer who has a thing for eating, writing, and doodling all at the same time. Once the poster child for healthy eating, she has gone rogue and now eats as many pork rinds as she can. She loves coffee breaks, and uses her free time listening to new music and practice sketching.

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  1. JG Yap says:

    Hi Steph! Where are the links to get the recipes? Thanks for this! 🙂

  2. I love the Burp Levels. Heheheh

  3. Maria Andrea Tayag says:

    Please please do a food hack of Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan Pasta! 🙂

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