Food Hack: We Recreate Tia Maria Cantina’s Sangria for All You 20-Somethings

August 12, 2014
Cantina Sangria2

Any college-town watering hole has its share of students drinking out of joy, sorrow, or until they have something to regret the morning after. From 2004 to May 2012, Tia Maria’s Cantina on Katipunan Avenue was where college students in and around Loyola Heights, Quezon City celebrated their highs and lows over suspiciously cheap pitchers of Weng Wengs and Sangria.

Cantina Sangira1

Most of those who have crawled or staggered out of Cantina have grown up to be more discerning of what’s in their booze, but there are days where a drink to remember simpler times is in order. Cantina may be long gone, but you can recreate those bittersweet memories with leftover alcohol or the cheapest bottles of booze and soda from your nearest supermarket.

Cantina Sangria3

If you remember this drink from Cantina, chances are you can’t handle hangovers or drunken consequences as well as you used to. Drink responsibly, and don’t text or drive while drunk.

Cantina Sangria

Total Time: 5 minutes
Yield: 1 large pitcher, good for 7 people


  • 1 bottle (750ml) equivalent of leftover red wine, the cheaper the better
  • 1/2 of a 500ml bottle of Royal Tru Orange
  • a splash of Sprite
  • 1 cup chopped up mix fruits
  • the lost hopes and dreams of twenty-somethings


  1. Mix the wine, Royal, and Sprite together.
  2. Top it off with chopped mix fruits.
  3. Serve chilled, or not.
Mia Marci Mia Marci

Mia Marci likes sampling street food, even if she doesn't know what's in it. She's gotten sick to her stomach on occasion because of this hazardous curiosity, but even the strictest of doctors couldn't stop her. Mia also writes about video games, travel, and girly issues for other publications. She also teaches English and Creative Writing. In the little spare time she has left, she catches up on film and TV shows, while cuddling up to her dog and cat.

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  1. secretwalangclue says:

    | The lost hopes and dreams of twenty-somethings

    haha nice. i hope the same applies for the sad reality of late twenties

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