Food Fight!: McDonald’s vs. Jollibee (Final Team Battle)

October 19, 2018

Hello again and welcome to Food Fight. This week, we’ve reached the final round of our Jollibee vs. McDonald’s tournament. Who will (according to you guys) reign supreme in the end? Let’s find out.


These are last week’s results:




Chicken – IIIII – 5 votes
Gravy – IIIII IIIII I – 11 votes
Pie – IIIII IIIII II – 12 votes

Oh my. It seems McDonald’s isn’t doing so well. ‘Tis a shame.


As it currently stands, McDo is trailing Jollibee 2-3.
This week will decide which team wins. Only two categories remain, and they’re doozies.

Big Mac vs. Champ


These are the two big kahunas of each respective fast food joint. The Big Mac is known for its challenging size and well, lack of Big Mac Sauce (in the Philippines, anyway). A global icon of sorts due to its widespread availability, it’s been used to judge different countries’ economic status (i.e. the more expensive the Big Mac, the more well off the country is).

The Champ, on the other hand, is (for me) simple, filling, and glorious. All I want in a burger can be found in Jollibee’s signature 1/3 pound patty. It is just grand. I am biased, obviously, but do not let that pursuade you (yes, you should).



Who does it better? There is not one, but several kinds of food competing in this category, and you need to vote for which fast food joint you think does the whole breakfast experience better. Both McDonald’s and Jollibee’s breakfast offerings dominate its menu in the morning. People habitually rush to make it to the store before the 10AM deadline arrives and it disappears for the day.

McDonald’s serves variations of sausage, rice, egg, and muffin. Jollibee, on the other hand, serves similar choices, but with a more Filipino slant (like longganisa instead of breakfast sausage, or pandesal instead of a muffin), which is always a great option to have.

Those are our contestants, now is the time to vote! Leave your comments below and tell us what you think.

Vote for your picks in these categories
1. Deluxe Burgers
2. Breakfast Meals

Next Week: The Results! And a new thing to vote on.

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57 responses to “Food Fight!: McDonald’s vs. Jollibee (Final Team Battle)”

  1. Valerie Ann Marbella Soriente says:

    Deluxe Burger Award goes to CHAMP! nuff’ said. It’s called the “Champ” for a reason. Unassuming yet glorious in taste!

    Breakfast Meal Award goes to McDonald’s since the meals served in Jollibee are the usual fare already.

  2. janellido says:

    Deluxe Burgers – Jollibee
    Breakfast Meals – McDo

  3. Jan says:

    Deluxe Burgers – McDo
    Breakfast Meals – Jollibee

  4. Steph says:

    Deluxe burgers – Jollibee

    Breakfast Meals – Jollibee, gastronomic satisfaction inside my pinoy tummy

  5. missy says:

    Deluxe burgers and Breakfast Meals – McDo.

  6. Adrian De Leon says:

    Champ is the better burger. But if it was pitted against Big and Tasty, I’d have gone for McDo. The clown easily kills the Bee at breakfast (for me).

  7. Kaloy says:

    Breakfast = Mcdo

  8. Raine Santos says:

    BREAKFAST – hihi i am torn between mcdo’s hash brown and jollibee’s garlic rice…….hmmmmmmmm…MCDO (because of their satisfying big breakfast)

  9. Raine Santos says:

    BREAKFAST – hihi i am torn between mcdo’s hash brown and jollibee’s garlic rice…….hmmmmmmmm…MCDO (because of their satisfying big breakfast)

  10. Happy says:

    With the comeback of Amazing Aloha.. The Bee wins it for me!

  11. Johann says:

    Burgers: the Masayang Bubuyog wins it by a veeeery slim margin, especially with the return of the Amazing Aloha.

    Breakfast: McDo wins it by a mile. Jollibee’s offerings are usually meh.

  12. Burgers: Jollibee!

    Breakfast: McDo talaga. Sausage McMuffin with Egg pa lang winner na. Haha. Tapos ang sama ng pancakes ni Jollibee. T.T

  13. hbsruiz says:

    mcdo both for bigmac & bfast

  14. D Camacho says:

    Big mac v Champ = CHAMP!
    Champ v Big and tasty = BIG AND TASTY!
    Big and tasty v Amazing Aloha = AMAZING ALOHA!
    McBreafast v Breakfast Joys = MCBREAKFAST!

  15. disqus_8JnQqEewMv says:

    mcdo for both!

  16. Jezreel Cerbito says:

    Breakfast goes to McDonald’s!

  17. Maimai Hernando says:

    big mac and mcdo breakfast FTW 🙂

  18. Rafael Golez Camus says:

    Champ wins. McBreakfast offerings win. Bonus points for the Return of the Amazing Aloha.

  19. Joyce says:

    I just had the Amazing Aloha and I must say, it’s a delight. One for Jollibee. McDo wins breakfast tho.

  20. Ngeks says:

    Big Burger – champ. although if it was against big & tasty, i’ll choose mcdo
    Breakfast – jollibee. mcdo’s breakfast offerings are boring (well for me at least)

  21. chari says:

    Definitely Jollibee for both! Mcdo’s Longganisa just tastes awful.

  22. Jose Angeles says:

    Deluxe Burgers & Breakfast Meals – JOLLIBEE.
    I tried the Amazing Aloha and it was just so good. Jollibee’s Longganisa is much better than Mcdo’s flat longganisa.

  23. jj says:

    Deluxe Burgers – jollibee

    Breakfast Meals – mcdo

  24. Katrina says:

    Breakfast = McDo!!! I love their breakfast sausage!

  25. Kris says:

    Definitely Champ! I’d go for jollibee for breakfast as well. Tapa, good. Hotdog, goooooood! Boy i’m hungry now.

  26. anne says:

    Deluxe burgers – McDo (Bic Mac duh)

    Breakfast – Jollibee (tapsilog foreva)

  27. i think the reason why many people like Jollibee so much (minus the dirty store floors and lack-of-experience staff) is that Jollibee has so a wide variety of food. From Pork tenders, to lumpiang shanghia to hotdogs to Bangus. but for burger, hands down, McDo forever!

  28. D says:

    Deluxe Burgers – Jollibee
    Breakfast Meals – McDo

  29. Rob says:

    Deluxe Burgers – Jollibee
    Breakfast Meals – Mcdo

  30. Janice Pinto says:

    Deluxe Burgers -> Mcdo
    Breakfast Meals -> Mcdo

  31. Fugu says:

    Deluxe Burger – McDo
    Breakfast – No doubt, McDo

  32. Ruth Jacob says:

    Deluxe burger – McD
    Breakfast – J’bee

  33. Ruth Jacob says:

    p.s. i can’t believe i missed the fried chicken match. buti na lang winner pa rin ang jollibee chickenjoy.

  34. AC says:

    Deluxe burger- Mcdo!
    Breakfast- tough one. But i’ll have to go with jollibee. I love mcdo’s hotcakes though 🙂

  35. Maryanne Margrethe Palag says:

    Mickey Dee for both! Their breakfast items are simple, and they do make pancakes, eggs and hot choco better. The McPatties taste like charbroiled real beef, vs the greasy stuff that Jabee makes.

    • Maryanne Margrethe Palag says:

      does anyone here remember McDo having a corned beef breakfast meal? Or did I spend a bit of time in the Twilight zone? I swear enjoying that for a year while working in ayala. It was served with a weird sunny side up and garlic rice. the corned beef reminds me very much of delimondo.

  36. hannah says:

    Jollibeeee for both..

  37. Sam Manalili says:

    1. Jollibee Champ :9
    2. McDo Big Breakfast m/

  38. Mylene Chung says:

    Mcdo for both!! woot!

  39. Lorenzo Bueza says:

    McDonald’s for both :))

  40. chesca perez says:

    Jollibee for both!! ^_^

  41. Ariela Badenas says:

    Jollibee’s Champ is… well, a Champ 🙂

    McDo gets my vote for Breakfast though. Their longganisa is the only longganisa I eat. Sad but true.

  42. iceconyelo says:

    Deluxe burgers – Mcdo
    Breakfast – Jollibee

  43. Ebbs says:

    Burgers – McDo

    Breakfast – McDo (Sausage McMuffinnnnnnnnnn!)

  44. Marian Rose Bunao says:

    Burgers – Jollibee
    Breakfast – Mcdo (SAUSAGE MCMUFFIN!!!)

  45. Burgers – Jollibee (and plus points for the use of a Champ patty for their Ultimate Burger Steak)

    Breakfast – McDo, but not by much

  46. tastenoevil says:

    for burger meals well… Jollibee wins , though I also like Mc donalds’ burgers sometimes theirs seems to be a bit to dry especially when cold and McDo’s burgers will taste even sadder w/o ketchup and relish while Jollibee’s tastes good even if u take away the bun and sauce. For breakfast it’s still Jollibee bec. they have a wider variety w/ good serving size. What I dont like about Jollibee is their pancakesw/c are really heavy unlike Mc Do’s. Mc Do’s longganisa is tasty but it gives me a heartburn.

  47. Mica says:

    Burgers, I’d have to say Jollibee! Breakfast – McDo

  48. Yuki says:

    Burgers = McDo
    Breakfast meals = Jollibee (because Pinoy breakfast meals are the best!!

  49. Jin Hee Lee says:

    Jolibee vs Mcdo
    I very love Jolibee marami akong masasabi sa Jolibee malaki kasi slice ng chicken sa jolibee kaysa sa macdo… masarap dn yung choco fload
    sa Mcdo naman… parang hindi nila hinuhugasan ung mga utensils nila? Nag-iiba kasi lasa ng Mcfloat nila parang napapanis! at yung Pineapple juice dn nila iba lasa!

  50. Jin Hee Lee says:

    I love Jolibee’s Pork tenders 🙂

  51. Jin Hee Lee says:

    Bat sa Mcdo almost puro chicken na lng?

  52. […] we asked you which French fries you preferred between McDonald’s and Jollibee’s, more than 70% voted for the former. It seems, though, that the red-haired clown is keen on proving that his […]

  53. andrew says:

    Mas masarap ang french fries ng mcdo,malutong,sa hamburger mas masarap ang big mac kaysa big champ,sa ice cream mas masarap sa macdo,sa chicken mas ok ang sa jolibee,sa pag pipilian marami sa jolibee meron burger steak,shanghai may palabok which is may favorite,sa service at very friendly crew sa jolibee pero sa ambiance at linis ng place mcdo= for me its a tie

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