Food Fight!: Heinz vs. Del Monte (plus results of the McDo vs. Jollibee Team Battle)

October 23, 2018
Welcome to back to Food Fight. This week, we’re going to be announcing the winner of last week’s battle,it was a war of epic proportions between the two largest fast food chains in the country. We’re also announcing this week’s new challengers (that we should all comment and vote on).

Before anything else, however,I just wanted to say thank you, community, you’ve been great. I feel good about how things have been turning out and how I regularly get to see my food fight columns on the site’s popular posts sidebar. It’s a great ego boost for me. So thank you, but enough of my sentimentality.

It’s time to get down to the thing we all actually care about: the results!

Last week was the deciding round between McDonald’s and Jollibee. We had you vote for who had the better big burger and the better breakfast menu/food items.

And here are the results of that:


Breakfast – IIIII IIIII IIII – 14


Jollibee wins it for the deluxe burger category and McDo wins the breakfast round.
Making the score
Jollibee – 4, Mcdo – 3
So  Jollibee wins. The fat, happy bee wins!
Congratulations to Jollibee as well as to its hardcore fans, you may have your bragging rights.
Now we move on, for such is the way of’s FOOD FIGHT.

This week, our contestants are ketchup, our favorite smooshed tomato byproduct.


Heinz vs. Del Monte

I picked these two brands since they seem like the most popular here in the Philippines, always fighting for ketchup packet supremacy at fast food places, convenience stores, and supermarkets.

Del Monte

Del Monte foods makes a bunch of stuff, ketchup is only one of its many offerings. They also make foods for pets, which I found interesting. Del Monte caters uniquely to the Filipino market, I feel, with their sweet style ketchup and other Filipino twists.


First produced by the H.J. Heinz company in 1876, this is a really old ketchup brand. Unlike Del Monte, HEINZ seems less focused on trying to appeal to the Philippine masses.  There’s a distinct difference in the market strategies of the two.
I prefer Heinz. It has a funny sounding name and I am childish that way. I also like the taste more. It’s spicier (0r am I imagining that?). Del Monte is too sweet for me. Forget my own choices, though. It’s the people (that’s you guys) turn to decide.
Place your votes, may the more popular contestant win, and here is where I try out one catchphrase a week til something catches on.
“May the best food, fight!”
Yeah that was terrible. I’ll work on it.
Rob Cham Rob Cham

Rob Cham (not his actual name) is an illustrator, designer, and comics artist from Baguio City, a most excellent place. He currently shares a studio over at where he does things for money. He is otherwise not that interesting.

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76 responses to “Food Fight!: Heinz vs. Del Monte (plus results of the McDo vs. Jollibee Team Battle)”

  1. Eight says:

    Both! 🙂

  2. hbsruiz says:

    i vote for heinz =)

  3. Adrian De Leon says:

    Heinz. I absolutely abhor sweet ketchup. Especially the monstrosity that is Banana ketchup.

  4. Jena Dizon says:

    Heinz 🙂

  5. Aya Escober says:

    Heinz is the best ketchup for fries and fried eggs! 😀 Heinz!

  6. Ian Somosa says:

    HEINZ FOR LIFE. Even bought (and finished) a bottle just for Max’s unlimited chicken promo. 😀

  7. Samantha Reyes says:

    Del Monte! 🙂

  8. Kafka says:

    Del monte!

  9. 26days says:

    Del Monte!

  10. Jayne Lois R. Orlina says:


  11. Adds says:

    Del Monte. 🙂

  12. gedejesus says:

    I also prefer Heinz! =)

  13. Peter Elipeter says:

    Heinz. I have this unwarranted suspicion that there are maggots in del monte.

  14. Ramon Rocha IV says:

    Heinz please!

  15. Nix M. says:


  16. Johann says:

    Yay! Mabuhay ang sariling atin!

    Anyway, on topic: Heinz. Because anywhere you go, its the same taste (for some strange reason, Del Monte here in KL tastes different from what we have in Manila. Or its just me…).

  17. Kai says:

    Why choose 1 when you can have both? 😛 I do have both in my pantry. 🙂

  18. Addi dela Cruz says:

    Del Monte (original, not the sweet blend) because of the flavor and consistency. I like the taste of Heinz, but I hate that it becomes watery from time to time.

  19. Guest says:

    Del Monte!

  20. Nico Goco says:

    Del Monte. Just because.

  21. hehehe says:

    Heinz. Just because it sounds like heinie.

  22. Ariela Badenas says:

    Used to like Heinz before but Del Monte grew on me 🙂

  23. Raxenne Dosher Maniquiz says:

    I actually like Del Monte’s Sweet Blend! Heinz has this weird texture pero yummy naman. Perooo Del Monte talaga. o/

  24. Clarissa says:

    Is it the Heinz in a squeeze bottle? Or the Heinz in a glass bottle. There’s a huge difference between the two! But Heinz! 😀

  25. Carl Jandusay B. says:

    Del Monte (Original Blend and Banana Ketchup)

  26. Mylene Chung says:

    del monte all the way. Though Heinz has some sort of unexplainable premium touch especially when it comes in the squeeze bottle hehe!

  27. jA says:

    Del Monte for Banana Ketchup, Heinz for Tomato Ketchup..

  28. Valerie Ann Marbella Soriente says:

    HEINZ! They go well with burgers and Fries! 🙂

  29. Jose Angeles says:

    I prefer Heinz (balanced sourness and sweetness). Del Monte’s ketchup (Original blend) is too sour for me.

  30. Gabbie says:

    Heinz tastes like ketchup is supposed to taste. Del Monte’s extra rich variant used to be my favorite but now it tastes sweeter and looks watered down. Kulang sa xanthan gum. Haha.

  31. Romila Marie says:

    Jufran! Chos. Heinz all the way!

  32. Kris says:

    I was goin to say Del Monte but we have Heinz in the pantry. Haha. So can I say draw? Hehe

  33. Kvbelt says:

    Heinz. You are not imagining the spice! I think it’s what Del Monte lacks, making their ketchup seem too sweet 🙂

  34. Sam M. says:

    Heinz! They go well with McDo fries!

  35. tom says:

    del monte!

  36. annetookeen says:

    Del Monte, just the right sweetness

  37. Jun Barbosa says:

    DEL MONTE!!!!!!

  38. Lady Butter says:

    Definitely Heinz! It tastes the same everywhere I go haha.

  39. Eena says:

    Del Monte!!!

  40. Jules Cabigon says:

    Del Monte. 🙂

  41. nicherautomatic says:

    del monte yo!

  42. Mafel says:

    Del Monte!

  43. myniffie says:

    Del Monte Original Blend!

  44. Tet says:

    DEL MONTE!!!!!!

  45. AC says:

    Heinz!! It’s more tangy and tomatoe-y

  46. Geh says:

    Heinz. Aside from the taste, I love ’em squeeze bottles.

  47. David Yulo says:

    DEL MONTE, for sure!

  48. Lemark B. Viloria says:

    del monte

  49. D says:

    Heinz!!! 😀

  50. arh cube says:

    Del Monte. Filipinos are sweet people – taste, attitude and character. Heinz is a common taste of catsup outside the Philippines. I always try to find Del Monte Catsup whenever I go to supermarket – taste and feel like home.

  51. Loyal Heinz says:

    The two brands are sooo different. My choice is definitely Heinz…

  52. Marie says:

    I tried Heinz last year and after that I’ve shifted to Heinz. I cannot go back to Del Monte anymore.

  53. Whatsup ketchup? says:

    Heinz. It’s a no brainer.

  54. Joshua Hernandez says:

    I have to agree with Carl! HEINZ HEINZ HEINZ!!!

  55. Joyce says:

    Heinz. But love Del Monte’s sweet style ketchup too. Draw? 🙂

  56. Lala says:

    Heinz!!! 🙂

  57. Tanya says:

    First off, I like reading your Food Fight articles cuz’ it’s witty and funny. 😀 Now for my vote, I prefer Heinz! 😀

  58. Paula says:

    Del Monte! 🙂

  59. Martin says:

    Del Monte, such a classic! =D

  60. iceconyelo says:

    Del Monte 🙂

  61. Yuki says:

    Del Monte. Heinz is too sourrr 🙁

  62. Justin Reyes says:

    Del Monte para saakin 🙂

  63. says:

    It’s difficult for a Filipino to compare McDo and Jollibee and Heinz vs Del Monte, because the average Filipino would not know good food if it jumped off the plate and bit their nose! After decades of complete crap, they actually now think that is how food is supposed to taste.

  64. bananakat - sup! says:


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