Food Fight! : Coca Cola vs. Pepsi

October 7, 2018

Welcome to Food Fight, a new weekly installment on where we will explore various food and drink rivalries of the known universe, and have them settled once and for all.

Through Food Fight, we can all decide which food product reigns supreme. Let the fight begin!

Unveiling this week”s installment: Coca Cola Vs Pepsi


Coca Cola versus Pepsi! Yes.

Let us get to know our contestants:

Coca Cola!

Year established: 1886
Estimated Market Share: Let”s not get into that right now.

The literal giant of the Cola industry, the standard for which all soft drinks aspire for, truly a symbol of how corporations will never die and continue to pump sugar into our veins. Coca Cola! Classic, refreshing, almost everywhere and quite the charming drink in all their advertising campaigns, what else can I say about it other than I think it”s going to replace water one day.


Year established: 1898 (actually in 1893, but it was known as Brad”s Drink, which is pretty dang sad)
Best Pepsi-related product ever:

The underdog of this rivalry, the story of Pepsi is a story we can admire. Despite the odds, despite the name change, despite the time it went bankrupt, despite the time it went bankrupt again, it still exists. And we have to admire the fact that it does. Maybe.

We all know these two products. We”ve all gotten disoriented when ordering drinks at restaurants that only cary one brand or the other, but never both. We all have our horrible preferences when it comes to these diabetes-causing, sugar death traps. So enough of the introduction, not that we”ll ever need one. This seems pointless to me now. But moving on!

We want to know which one is better than the other in your opinion, dear reader, so we can declare one superior over the other, and have it gratuitously drawn in a violent manner when we declare who wins. I promise it will be funny. Will it be Coca Cola, the dear sweet red temptress, or will it be Pepsi, the known underdog in the Cola wars?

Voting starts now!

Rob Cham Rob Cham

Rob Cham (not his actual name) is an illustrator, designer, and comics artist from Baguio City, a most excellent place. He currently shares a studio over at where he does things for money. He is otherwise not that interesting.

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39 responses to “Food Fight! : Coca Cola vs. Pepsi”

  1. Coca-Cola for me! Just cause it tastes better. (although Pepsi has the better “special” flavors, like that Blue one that they only sell whenever they feel like it)

  2. Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All says:

    *Pepsi* is kind of sweeter. Or maybe that’s just me.

    I prefer Coke’s taste. Ice-cold Coca-Cola is a wonderful refreshment. Pepsi knows how to churn out advertising classics, though (and the celeb roster’s endless – from Britney to Christina to Beyonce to Beckham, etc.).

  3. Coca-cola.. I think my tastebuds are so used to the taste that it won’t welcome any other cola brandXD lol

  4. Dwight Co says:

    You’re wrong Rob. Pepsi-man was awful. He ran too fast for the game to be playable.

  5. Rob Cham says:

    Pepsi, as I love an underdog

  6. Jc says:

    Before temple run, we had PEPSIMAAAN! +1 vote for Pepsi 🙂

  7. Coke. Because as the saying goes, Pepsi is what you drink when Coke’s not around.

  8. COOOOKE!!! Right amount of sugar and that fizzy sprit thing. I actually didn’t like dining in at KFC before because they only serve Pepsi products. Thank god they switched! Hehehe. o/

  9. Mikka Wee says:

    Coca-Cola! Just because they have it in Cherry. :p

  10. Aina says:

    coca cola!

  11. Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All says:

    Oh yeah. Vanilla Coke. Your move, Pepsi.

  12. Ay sorry, Coke din ako. Pepsi should just give up and focus on Mountain Dew and Gatorade.

  13. Clarissa says:

    COKE!!! 🙂 I’d rather do water if there’s no Coke around 😛

  14. Pepsi just because Beyonce.

  15. Pao Cheung says:

    if pepsi twist was still around my vote goes to pepsi but it’s out of the market now… and I didn’t like the taste of regular pepsi (too sweet and tastes like medicine in my opinion)… so I go for Coke >_<

  16. COKE – definitely Coke! Nothing beats the Real Thing, Zero rocks, Cherry and Vanilla are great if you can get a hold of either of them, and you can use Coke for baking without the whacked-out chemical aftertaste you get for using Pepsi.

    • hehehe says:

      Vanilla and Cherry Coke are still available at Puregold in Subic Bay Freeport Zone at about P25 per can. Good times.

  17. cponce says:


  18. Nico Goco says:

    coke. c’mon, no one ever drinks jack-pepsi or rum-pepsi?

  19. Aika Canete says:

    Coke! When i was young, i enjoyed drinking that stuff out of baby bottles(i forgot what they’re called) hahaha

  20. hehehe says:

    Faux Vanilla Coke: fill a glass with ice cubes, pour about half a teaspoon of clear vanilla extract (Ferna works well), fill with regular Coke, stir.

    BTW, McCormick vanilla extract won’t work.

  21. Joseph says:

    Pepsi. It’s cheaper and I like the slimmer bottle design. Tsaka, Pepsi Paloma is prettier than Coca Nicolas.

  22. JIO says:

    PEPSI of course! It’s less strong but Sasha Fiercer(Beyonce reference).

  23. eatnoevil says:

    depends on ur craving. If ur craving for a strong fizzy soda then go for coke, Pepsi is a lot sweeter and has weaker fizz. What’s great about Pepsi is that it smells better than Coke.

  24. Nix M. says:

    coca cola forever. pepsi tastes funny :-p

  25. Danny Kally says:

    Seriously I cant distinguish Pepsi and Coca Cola if ever you put them on unlabeled glass

  26. CK says:

    Coke. Pepsi tastes milder. But I liked Pepsi Ice and Fire, I wish they’d bring that back.

  27. dianakristina says:

    coke because pepsi tastes like chicken. hehehe

  28. nell says:


  29. ren says:


    what’s wrong with you people? why are you choosing pepsi?

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