Fluffyummy’s New York-Style Cookies Come in Red Tins for Easy Gifting

September 9, 2019

For Kevin Ibert and his wife Janelle, what began as just making pastries for their family and friends grew into Fluffyummy, a home-baked goods brand. Kevin, who is a French pastry chef, says “it was natural for [them] to do a passion project like this together,” since they share a great interest in gastronomy.

The couple started making cookies after realizing how much Filipinos love the treat. They noticed that what people normally consume are the dry, crunchy (and preservative/additive-heavy) kinds. So they opted to offer a “New York-style” cookie—crisp on the outside, while moist and chewy on the inside.

We don’t know if that’s the meaning behind the name, but these cookies really are fluffy and yummy.

In the beginning, it took a while to find the right ingredients—we wanted to source locally as much as possible. It took us around six months to finalize the recipe and the process. Today, we continuously research, work on new flavors, and improve our products… For us, the perfect balance is a combination of our secret batter mix, whole nuts, and excellent chocolate.

Their cookies come in four flavors, two of which are nut-free. You can get them as a box of six, or opt for their assorted gift tins of (20!!!) mini cookies. They’re great to give away, but even better to have for yourself. (We finished the entire round in one sitting.) The cookies keep to their New York promise; and the mix of flavors are both nostalgic (for the classic ones) and innovative. We’re making a bold prediction that you’ll be seeing a lot of these going around in the holidays.


Freshly baked pastries and New York-style cookies.

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