Are You Fit for Culinary School? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!

July 1, 2019
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8 responses to “Are You Fit for Culinary School? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!”

  1. cheficide says:

    haha this was hilarious

  2. Den says:

    Do you take Culinary School AFTER college or is it your college? If it’s after college, then what’s your course during college? Timely post bc entrance exam season is here :))

    • mrdeliciousph says:

      After, after. In college take business and accounting.

      • Den says:

        But aren’t there courses like HRM and Culinary Arts and Food Tech offered in some colleges? Wouldn’t that be more related to a person’s “passion”…

        • mrdeliciousph says:

          If it’s an accredited bachelor’s degree it might carry a little more weight but I would recommend completing a college degree in something applicable before you ever think about culinary.

  3. mrdeliciousph says:

    I would argue that you have begun this article asking the wrong question. Most people are fit for culinary school because culinary schools have no standards for enrollment. They’re not universities; they’re where you go after you drop out of the university. So if you have a pulse and a check, you’re perfectly fit for culinary school.

    A more pertinent question would be: “SHOULD you go to culinary school?” And the answer is ‘no’.

    The vast majority of graduates of culinary programs will never realize their dreams of becoming the badass, toque’d chef they fantasize about. Culinary school is staggeringly expensive and the job market is flooded with culinary graduates. Odds are pretty strong you’re no better than most of them.

    So I get it. You have been cooking for all of your friends and family and been showered in praise. You’ve read all the books and watched all the shows and now you want to take the next step. You have… passion. Except there’s just one problem: you suck.

    The moment people have to pay for their food everything changes. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s better to hear it now than after you pay your tuition.

    So how do you not suck? Years, I shit you not, years of practice. You must suffer and suffer greatly to become good. This is not unique to this industry but it’s just a lot harsher in this industry than most.

    So let me break this down into three parting points:

    1. Do not go to culinary school. (but for those of you who still insist see points 2&3)
    2. If you do, do not open a restaurant as soon as you graduate (because you still suck and you will lose a lot of money and friends).
    3. DO NOT GO INTO DEBT FOR CULINARY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (because you will likely never make any money from it)

    Source: culinary grad, 20-year restaurant veteran, cynical asshole

  4. goshlo says:

    i think it would be best to take culinary after getting a non culinary course.

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