A Taste of elBulli in Manila

November 3, 2015

Chef Ferran Adria’s Michelin machine may have retired more than four years ago, but some of the maestro’s magic has been bottled into Inedit beer. Created by Adria and his elBulli sommeliers, Inedit was conceived as a response to the search for beer to accompany what exploded as modern gastronomy. While fine dining across the world of 2008 touted bottles of their best wines, Adria took the trademark college drink and schooled it into maturity.


The malt and wheat beer is spiked with bites of coriander, hints of sugary liquorice, and afterthoughts of orange peel, with hops wading in the distance. The fizz and froth of the drink are trapped inside a wine bottle, with the gold star of Spanish institution S.A. Damm Brewery glistening on its midnight-tinged surface. It is best served chilled, in a white wine glass, half full. Though Inedit has been around the last few years, Spice & Cleaver, Tambai, and Tsukiji are keeping that elBulli spirit alive with a couple of bottles in the backroom—yours for a pretty penny.

Have you tried Ferran Adria’s beer? Let us know if a bottle is worth the hype!

Photos courtesy of Inedit

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10 responses to “A Taste of elBulli in Manila”

  1. Volts Sanchez says:

    If you have to ask…

    Well, I have to ask. How much?

  2. sutash says:

    available in S&R. around Php700 I think for 6 bottles

    • Michelle Ayuyao says:

      Holy crap! Is that for real?

      • sutash says:

        1000% sure that it’s available in S&R…not so sure
        about the price, def below 1k

        • Victoria says:

          Yeah, I just saw it in S&R too and it’s about 600 for a 6-pack.

        • Michelle Ayuyao says:

          Saw the bottles you were talking about. They’re the normal Estrella beers. Not the one made in partnership with Adria. Hoping to see it around somewhere more accessible though!

          • sutash says:

            here’s a question, the bottles I got are different from the ones pictured here – marked Inedit and Damm and all that, and now there are no more to be found, could they be fakes? Still tastes really good though

          • Michelle Ayuyao says:

            Oh hey I didn’t see those! Probably wasn’t available at the S&R that I went to. Those seem the same. Just didn’t know they had it in smaller sizes. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Jason X Bånd says:

    Don’t care who’s name is on the bottle, any beer from a bottle isn’t beer. The stuff in bottles is little more than hop-flavoured Sprite. If ever you get the chance, try a cask conditioned beer. it will change your life.

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