Feel Well Makes Homemade Fresh Yogurt, Yogurt Drinks, and Yogurt Dips that Are Naturally Flavored

We love healthy food, but we’ll be honest, sometimes, it’s not the most palatable. Feel Well co-founders Medilen “Medi” Araneta Singh and Margarita “Candy” Roces Jalbuena kept that in mind when they were crafting their yogurt products.

To suit the Filipino taste, they added organic yacon and pureed fruits—both locally sourced, of course—to their fresh yogurt, yogurt drinks, and yogurt dips.

Feel Well’s yogurt is synbiotic, which means it has both prebiotics and probiotics. So not only is it easy to consume (the fruit flavors were a really good idea), it also gives you a good gut feeling afterwards.


A local brand of healthy, probiotic-rich products.

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