6 of Your Favorite Noche Buena Dishes (and What They Say About You)

February 28, 2019

If it’s true that we really are what we eat, then maybe we can learn a thing or two about ourselves if we take a closer look at all our favorite Yuletide dishes. As Christmas day approaches, our trips to the nearest ATM become more and more frequent while visits to the gym sound less and less appealing. The holidays are not just about the warm and fuzzy feelings we get each time we give or receive presents, it’s also about (no, not Beyoncé’s new album) getting fat. But before you take another bite of that sweet Noche Buena ham, try going through our list to see if you can spot your favorite among these 6 classics.

6. Hot Cocoa: The Sentimental One

You’re a sucker for all things Christmas. You enjoy how cold the holidays get because it makes you appreciate the warm months that much more. To you, just knowing it’s December automatically brings to mind twinkling lights, mistletoe, and the sound of bells and carols. You see this season as an opportunity to bring out your cable-knit sweaters, with the sleeves hanging just a little too low,  leaving the tips of your fingers exposed to the cool air. Love Actually and the entire Home Alone series are already on queue in your Blu-Ray player. You’re 26, and yet you still wait for Christmas Eve before opening your presents under the tree.

5. Sweet Ham: The Life of the Party

The party won’t start until you walk through the door. You know it, they know it, everyone does, really. You deliver all the funniest jokes and tell the most amusing anecdotes. You sing karaoke and dance around with equal enthusiasm, but never in a way that becomes obnoxious. People love your spirit, and your energy is infectious.

4. Queso de Bola: The Best Friend

Source: Flickr

Image via Flickr

Like cheese in a well-made sandwich, you’re good at blending in. You know how to listen, when to react, and instinctively come up with the right thing to say in every situation. You’re everyone’s go-to person for anyone looking for an adventure. From a spontaneous night out clubbing, long conversations over coffee, to a backpacking trip to the Himalayas, you’re the guy to talk to. You also try to avoid conflict, never hoard the spotlight, and you’re content with being on the sidelines. You are probably the greatest friend anyone could have.

3. Bibingka and Puto Bumbong: The Family Guy

Sources: Tumblr (bibingka), Out of Town (puto bumbong)

Images via Tumblr (bibingka), Out of Town (puto bumbong)

You like attending family reunions and get-togethers with friends you haven’t seen in forever. You’re disappointed when plans get postponed or cancelled because you easily miss people and get clingy. You enjoy reminiscing and find familiarity comforting. As you might say, “What’s the point of life if we never look back or share it with the ones we love?”

2. Classic Pinoy Fruit Salad: Ms. Details

Whereas ordinary earthlings tend to focus only on the headline and main events, you see the big picture and make sure that nothing is forgotten. You’re a harmony-seeking, practical idealist. In other words,  you make lists for everything. You have a Whom to Give Gifts list, a What Outfit to Wear list, and even a What Lists to Make this Christmas list. You’re also a hardcore planner, and too much spontaneity may or may not give you a rash.

1. Alcohol: The Other Life of the Party

Everyone says that the ham is what people most look forward to during Christmas dinner, but we all know a party without booze can quickly turn into a snooze fest. You tend to be inappropriate at times, but you’re just trying to loosen everyone up. To you, a party is a party is a party, and a little danger shouldn’t hurt. Of course, it’s all fun and games until someone does get hurt, and the next thing you know, the cops are there and every finger is pointing at you.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more people on this list? Have any other Christmas dishes that reveal certain personalities you might want to add? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

Header image via Pinoy Exchange. Thumbnail image via Fine Dining Lovers.

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