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This is Chicken and Waffles Like You’ve Never Had it Before

May 21, 2020

Trust chef Kel Zaguirre, the man that turned sinigang into a sizzling hot plate meal over at Locavore, to take that chicken and waffles combo and make it an after-dinner confection. Over at FAT, the latest loaded dish has two house-made stroopwafels sandwiching a glob of chicken fat ice cream. 

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Created by Ian Carandang of Sebastian’s Ice Cream, the frozen treat fuses ginger and a mix of spices, resembling a Russian pryaniki cookie. Using the rendered chicken fat from FAT, the ice cream comes off pleasantly rich on the palate. The cherry on top of the treat is a little dollop of sour cream and a sizable strip of candied bacon.

Which crazy creation have you tried from FAT? What do you think of this deadly dessert? Tell us your thoughts with a comment below!

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