The Farmery’s All-Natural Chicken Nuggets Lets You Enjoy the Childhood Treat without Guilt

June 25, 2017

Like many young Filipinos, Armand Ancheta grew up eating and loving fried chicken nuggets. And like many young Filipinos, he later learned the pretty scary elements that go into making these chunks of deliciousness. “It’s not actually real chicken. We’re eating something that we don’t know. It could be extenders, artificial meat, [pink] slime. When we eat [it], we know it’s not real . . . that’s why I really wanted to create something that is real and something that is healthy, using all-natural ingredients.”

Just a peek at some of their flavors—which also includes gluten-free chicken nuggets made with potato crumbs and pork nuggets. Look out for their pistachio-coated nuggets exclusively available in partner stores.

Which is why, after 3 years of running his own tea shop and growing an understanding of the food business, he decided to venture into creating the kind of food that he wants to eat. Fun, accessible, and incredibly tasty, Ancheta’s chicken nuggets sold under his homegrown brand called The Farmery do the tasty, authentic chicken meat right with their crumbly texture outlined by a crunchy exterior. Barbecue sauce, honey mustard, or classic ketchup, his hand-formed chicken nuggets take you back to the simple childhood breakfast pleasures sans the guilty (and after a few hours, potentially stomach-twisting or sweat-inducing) mystery meat-eqsue versions.

Ancheta tells us that organic chickens tend to taste better because their diets give their meat a more complex flavor over pellet-fed chickens raised in mass-market farms.

“It’s pasture-raised. That means there’s no hormones, there’s no chemicals. They are fed with organic grains from the farm. Our chicken comes from an organic farm . . . It’s free-range. When it’s hot they can go to the shelter, but it’s actually an open area,” Ancheta proudly explains. That’s something that can put parents, kids, and kids-at-heart at ease when you dunk one of the Farmery’s nuggets into your sauce of choice and take a bite—and don’t forget the rice.


The Farmery is a brand of organic, filler-free chicken nuggets.

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  1. Deer in Headlights says:

    I’m a mom who’s always on the lookout for healthy baon, i so appreciate this article. I’ve sent an inquiry to the farmery and am just waiting for a reply. Could you please include the price of the food items you review next time? It would be so helpful specially for budgeting purposes.

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