A Farewell to the Japanese Restaurants of Mile Long in Makati

August 16, 2017
We published that Little Tokyo is said to close in 18 months for relocation. This information was acquired from a source who has worked closely with chefs at the location. However, we were officially informed by Little Tokyo Management that they have no plans to close the establishment either for renovation or relocation.

It’s with a heavy heart that we bid goodbye to some of the most beloved and longstanding Japanese restaurants in Makati.

Pick up some yakitori here while you still can.

Earlier today, the Makati Regional Trial Court (RTC) called for the immediate eviction of tenants within the appropriately named long stretch of property called “Mile Long” along Amorsolo Street (which includes The Gallery building and the McDonalds drive-thru), and the Sunvar Building at the corner of Amorsolo and Arnaiz Ave. (which houses our favorite source of Japanese Wagyu beef, that we sadly witnessed packing up at 6PM today).

We had Yokohama cheese curry sticks one last time today.

The many Japanese restaurants in Mile Long, adjacent to Little Tokyo (which is under different management, but is also said to be closing in just 18 months with plans of transfer already in place), are considered an extension of Little Tokyo itself, and a number of them have been there for several decades.*

The OG of Tonkatsu restaurants in Manila.

A visit to Mile Long at 5PM today saw offices in an emotional flurry to vacate the premises within the allocated time. Conversations with employees of tenant companies telling us that they have until tomorrow to fully vacate the buildings.

Although Gyumon still has a location in Malate, it’s hard to say goodbye to this particular branch. Over decades, it has built a steady reputation (and following) for some of Manila’s best yakiniku.

Which means tonight may be your last chance to pick up some of your loved dishes—at least for the time being. While the fate of these local icons hangs in the air, we will be sending them off with several rounds of grilled meat, raw fish, and sake. See you there?

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*To clarify, the management and landlords of Little Tokyo are separate from that of Sunvar Realty. They are not undergoing the same case. Their situations are entirely different.
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5 responses to “A Farewell to the Japanese Restaurants of Mile Long in Makati”

  1. Light says:

    Why is Little Tokyo closing soon?

  2. jay says:

    Those Restaurants are in Creekside. not Mile Long.

  3. Renz R. says:

    Japanese wagyu.. 🙁 please update us where these restaurants are going to be relocated..

  4. Imelda says:

    Hi I know the owners of little Tokyo. It is not in any way connected to the management and owners of mile long. Little Tokyo stays open and is NOT closing.

  5. Mactan says:

    why is this article still posted i thought ABS-CBN cleared it already. Little Tokyo Stays open and the 18 month closing posted here which was based on rumor is actually irresponsible blogging.

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