Soft, Salty Pretzel Bites with Cookie Butter Centers (and the Olloclip Winner) in Today’s Fap-Worthy Food

September 28, 2018

And the winner of our Olloclip contest is Reisha Duarte! Instructions will be sent to you via Instagram on how you can claim your Olloclip worth Php 2950! Congratulations!

1. Chocolate Rice Porridge (Champorado) by Liv


2. Cucumber Salad by Jess Ban


3. Homemade Salty Pretzel Bites with Cookie Butter Centers


4. Brookies: Fudge Brownie Cookies by Camille Kristine Cruz


5. Suman, Mango, and Black Coffee by Noelle Dotillos


6. Belgian Waffle with Nutella and Strawberries by Elaine Sevilla


7. Tuna Sandwich by Lei Vitz


8. Lamb Kebab by RK Ariola


9. Sweet Potato Pie from Tous Les Jours


10. Cookie Butter with Bananas by Jam Santillan


Want your photo to be on the next Fap-Worthy Food? All you have to do is include the hashtag #pepperph when uploading your food photo on Instagram. Here’s a step-by-step guide (if you’re a n00b).

  1. Take a photo of your food.
  2. Add effects if you wish.
  3. Upload on Instagram (and add more effects!) with a short commentary about the food.
  4. Don’t forget to place the hashtag #pepperph after!
  5. Remember that in order for us to view your photos, your Instagram profile should not be on private mode.

Why are we doing this? Because who knows? We might give away some random prizes on random weeks such as…well, you’ll see.

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